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Subject: corporate whore

I told you Hillary was a corp. whore.

Well,  I guess I should switch sides then...

She proved this by missing the vote on telecom immunity.

Missing a vote proves you're a whore?

And you missed the boat on Obama.
You are backing the wrong xcandidate.

Financially, you're 100% correct.
If only I had the scruples (and income) of Kos or Arianna.

You are using fear to scare people away from Obama!

I've asked questions - did they scare you?
There are no questions that scare me.

Conclusion: Bart is part of the machine and I have lost trust in your blog.

Actually, we chose different Democrats in the primaries but
I'm vigorously behind the Democrat in Novermber - sounds like you aren't.

I have been reading you for a long time and I am saddened that you
continue down this Hillary path.

We were supposed to merge Feb 5th, but that got delayed.
Can you wait 3 more weeks or is it important to burn all your bridges today?

I wish you could see the light but maybe you are just like FOX noise,
a paid whore for Hillary.

FOX News is a billion dollar corporation.
I'm one dude with a modem and no money from Hillary.
Kos has gotten tens of thousands from Hillary - go scream at him.

I sent you an e-mail a couple weeks back saying I would back Hillary,
but after her once again missed vote I am convinced she is a corp whore.
 Born N Bred Red

So, you were for her before you were against her.
Who do you remind me of?

Subject: U convinced me (Jan 22, 2008)

After coming to my senses I have realized that my Hillary hating is idiotic.
Now I'm on the bandwagon...

Thanks Bartcop once again for flippin the switch.
 Born N Bred Red

So, in 3 weeks you went from what you were to what you are.

It's almost like ... you're not consistent.

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