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Subject: You buy into all this Boston bomber crap?




Bart, you disappoint.
How often have you told readers not to believe everything the media force-feeds them,
and then you buy into all this crap? For starters, Bart, we don’t know the guy was “a scumbag”,
or really that either (or any) of them were “bomberboys.”

I gave found them both guilty in my mind.

However I do get the impression that you are a cheerleader for the black ops contingent
that closed the city down and shot a few hundred rounds into a couple of houses which
held neither a “bomberboy” or a “scumbag.”

Here we go agin.
What's YOUR answer to the nutjob-roaming-the-streets-with-bombs problem?
If they didn't shut down the city he could've grabbed a school bus or a McDonalds..

Oh, and word has it they just unloaded some fairly heavy ordnance in the direction of a boat
resting behind a neighbors house in which a young man was probably quaking in his shoes.

That "young man" cut feet off people - put 200 in the hospital and he killed four more.

Do you realize you're being nicer to him than you are to me?
Just about the only thing I don’t take exception to in the tone of your “report”
is the undeniable assertion that he was “having a bad day.”

I have an idea what dto do with this scumbag.

We put him on trial and we find him guilty.

Instead of killing him, let's throw him in a urine-smelling cage for 60 years but first
we blow both his feet off (and sear the wounds closed, of course - we're not barbarians)
and we house his non-standing ass in downtown Boston so his victims can "visit" a lot.


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