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Subject: Bart cop follows the other Douche Bags and parrots of Junk????





 That's from a frequent Monkey Mailer who goes by  Books4less

Books, do you understand how time works?

Sometimes, in a live law enforcement story with bullets flying and bombs going off,
things that were true at 8 PM turn out to be not-so-true at midnight.
*I* didn't say the bombers robbed a 7-11, the Watertown cops said they did that.

Do you really want me to print, "According to several Boston sources..."
before each f-ing sentence I write on a hot, live news story?

Also, do you get that I'm in Oklahoma?
Do you think I have "sources" inside the Watertown police department?
Are you claiming my inside sources lied to me and I failed to catch them in time?

It's funny - almost to the point of being cute - that you think you "got" me here.
That, or you consider a font of perfection, so a "mistake" floors you.

You've been reading for years and you still haven't figured out
that I don't like to change things once they're posted?

Less credible news sources (which is almost everyone)  pulls down their "mistakes"
and denies it was ever there - FOX News is the leader of that crap

Would you rather I wait a week, like TIME and Newsweek, until the dust settles on a story?
I could do that, and I'd catch more typos, too

What's next? You going to write and tell me Barbara Olsen is dead?

BTW, for some reason you highlighted "They let the hijacked driver go."
That's true, he's alive and talking to police, but now he's saying he "escaped."

But thanks for the vote of confidence.
Each issue has maybe 80 components and every few months
you write to bitch about some niggling thing you misunderstood.

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