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Subject: Is this the beginning of the end?

Hey, Bart.

I share your frustration.  However, I fear the real reason Obama isn't
"doing enough" is because, well, there's nothing that can be done.

When this oil rig blew up and I read about what was happening with the oil 
gushing into the Gulf, I immediately had a horrible sinking feeling in my gut. 
It only got worse when I started seeing the media, the government and BP 
intentionally promote ridiculously sanitized versions of what was going on.

Here are the sad facts:

- Independent (believable) experts say the volcano has been spewing 
   a million gallons of oil per day into the Gulf, maybe more.

- There is not enough hair, hay or other "miracle" in the world that will even put a dent
   in a million gallons (or more) a day, let alone the 50 million (or more) that's already been spewed.

- The media has started pushing the timeline out. Some government people have mentioned that the 
   volcano might be stopped "by Christmas."  I fear they are now conditioning us for the real horror of this. 
   This oil field is now leaking in several places.  The bedrock has been fractured.  A "relief well" can't help 
  stop leaking through fissures in the earth's mantle.  Nothing can.  So we may be faced with this going on 
  until the field runs dry.  Every ocean in the world may eventually be destroyed.

- The first sea creatures to be destroyed by this are the plankton.  Not only are they the base of the 
   marine food chain, they are responsible for the vast majority of the oxygen in our atmosphere. 
   Bluntly, without plankton we won't have breathable air.

I could go on, but you get the point.  It may already be too late and Obama knows or has been told. 
Maybe this is the beginning of the end.  That realization is what gave me that sinking feeling.
 Sally R

For the second time today, I'm drafted into the Optimist's camp.

We can't say, "It's too late" and give up.

We have the technology to suck up oily Gulf water and filter the oil out.
We need more people, more filters, more boats and more vacuum devices.

Anybody know how to get that message to Obama?

Thursday they said the oil has creeped 22 miles into Louisiana's marshes.
It keeps getting worse and we have to fight this like we fought Hitler and Hirohito.

We don't have any choice - which is why I want a fire lit under Obama.

We need more people, more filters, more boats and more vacuum devices
and we need them right now, not weeks or months from now.

Anybody know how to get that message to Obama?

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