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Subject: the scariest thing ever

Hey Bart,

You said "What they're hiding may be the scariest thing ever put on"

Over at The Oil Drum, commenter Dougr explains something scarier:

The BP gusher contains oil, gas, water, and a lot of sand.  In effect, BP has built a high-power 
vertical sandblaster that is tearing away at the well casing.  This well casing may be collapsing.  

The well casing is the only thing holding up the 400-ton Blowout Preventer, which is apparently 
tilting and may collapse, either by falling on its side or dropping down into the well.

This BP-engineered sandblaster is also tearing away at the rock surrounding the well casing, 
making the hole around the well bigger and bigger.  Unless the relief well is completed before 
the well casing collapses, we could be seeing a huge hole into the oil reservoir that will spew oil 
and gas (and sand) until the reservoir pressure is relieved.  This could take as long as 8 or 10 
years of flows that are greater than what we are seeing now.

Is this scary enough for you?

Here's a good explanation of how offshore wells are supposed to be drilled and explains why 
the BP's decision to use a single casing and to skimp on he concrete stage were very bad ideas.

Our best to Mrs. Bart & Bart the Cat,

Oh well, I never liked seafood, anyway...

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