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Brad's Music Reviews

this band and these songs have a really really soft spot in my soul.  if youve seen rescue me, 
then you know the artists im talking about.  this review is about my favorite band.  I used to 
think i like SRV the most, then i found dulli and the afghan whigs. 

for those that havent seen rescue me or heard of the twlight singers, go to youtube and punch in 
bonnie brae and rescue me.  the most heartfelt scene ive seen on a cable tv show. 
i love this band. 

anyhow, im going to review the one no one gives credit to. 
Blackberry Belle by the Twilight Singers

this album, it blows me away.  i didnt know that this whole album was dedicated to ted demme 
until i read the liner notes and looked it up online.  i love this album more having now known its dedication.  

if you havent seen the show, rescue me, and if you havent heard of the twilight singers, you should. 
the whole album is such a dedication to his friend, you can hear it through the vocals and the lyrics.  
imagine a good friend one day leaving for good, and imagine an album of original songs that may 
make things even.  that is what dulli did.   take papillion for example:

"bye bye butterfly,
you get a little out of control,
mind your mama,
she'll swallow you whole"

who writes lyrics like that?  mix those words with music, and its all so beautiful, so awesome is this album.
it conveys so many emotions and thoughts, even as a 30 year old man.  the music, the rhythm,  it slowly 
becomes your best friend then jumps to the older brother you never had, then to life now.

like every greg dulli album, he just is just itching to die.  i know how that feels.  yet he sinks all his being 
and soul into this album and lets the chips fall where they may.  theres love yet no love, hope yet no hope, 
deception yet no deception, lies yet no lies. 

every song is so tight and so beautiful, even if i could write the best review of this album, i wouldnt be able to
....thats how good it is.  it is greg dulli's masterpiece for his friend. 

a maniac on music, twilight singers, if you hear this album, you will love hearing the lighter stuff.  
powder burns for example.   this in one of those albums that i never put in my top ten, or even top five, 
of all time simply because i never remember it

i think this is the best album by the best band ive never seen live.  

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