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Subject: I disagree on Bradley Manning

Hey Bart,

Can't say I find myself with a whole lot of sympathy for Pvt. Bradley Manning.
It sounds like he is being stripped each night because he is a suicide risk and its well known
that prisoners can devise a way to choke themselves from out of most anything.

Even tear-away paper pants?

I do not consider Pvt. Manning a hero in any sense of the word. He had access to highly
classified information concerning the conduct of wars during a time of war and releasing
sensitive diplomatic information that, while seldom pretty, is vitally important to U.S. national
interests. I'd rather the diplomats be successful than have to resort to the military.

Me, too, but how did this KID get classified information?
Looks like "Classified" means "Please don't release this."

After 9-11, people cried why were not our eyes and ears around the globe more effective?
Our diplomats and intelligence operatives need to be able to communicate and share information,
flattering nor not, in a secure and confidential manner or such intelligence becomes useless.
Some intelligence is very risky to gather and to share. Not all of it will be positive or accurate.
We have to do business with some pretty unsavory characters sometimes to achieve other objectives.
This principle is not a secret but divulging specific strategies and players is supposed to be secret -- not titillating WikiLeaks gossip.

Couldn't we at least wait until he's found guilty to torture him?
There's no 'ticking time bomb' here.

Considering that we once executed soldiers for treason, denying Bradley bail while his sensitive
case is considered doesn't seem to me to be a big imposition. It does the U.S. govermment no good
if this punk is presented with heroic proclamations by the Berkeley City Council and is featured as
a talk show guest all over the place while waiting to go to trial. This kid is no more heroic that a nurse
at UCLA Medical Center who leaks celebrity medical records to TMZ. I know, it's not the same thing
but the principle remains. This information is sensitive and is not meant for blanket release -- for a reason!

<>What about the truth behind 9-11?
Do we have a right to that?

There will come a time for dissecting all the mess ups of the wars, and for examining all the diplomatic
machinations that made the world turn out as it does, but some lowly private deciding of his own whim
to vomit all this information into the internet with no sense of discernment whatsoever is disgraceful,
criminal and treasonous.

You could be right.
I've seen no evidence of great wrong-doing, but that might yet come.
Meanwhile, he's being sexually and physically tortured.

As for your great big capital letters blaming Pres. Obama for this one prisoner's treatment, I highly doubt
that is the case, although you are correct that he is the ultimate commander-in-chief but, seriously, do you
think anybody bothers him with this kind of minutia? Even liberals understand national security.
Kevin Zeese sounds like a bleeding-heart with little sense of perspective on a very serious matter.

Americans torturing Americans is minutia?
Would it still be minutia if they were torturing YOU or YOUR WIFE or YOUR KIDS or YOUR PARENTS?

For me, the issue here is not the conduct of the wars or particular messed-up skirmishes, or even crappy
orders, flawed strategy or unsavory allies and diplomatic comments about them. The issue is the security
of confidential national documents, certainly during a time of war, and some lowly putz thinking he gets
to decide what to toss out into the open.

Scott B

I think the bigger issue is - if these secrets (some of which were cold-blooded murder)
were so sensitive, how did this 23 year old kid get the keys to the vault?

And if THESE secrets are there for anyone to read,
who's holding the BIG secrets?



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