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Subject: Why i support Bartcop

For over five years now i have checked in daily with Bart.  Aside from the laughs, he has pointed me 
in the direction of other important sites.  He has recommended movies and tv shows.  (I bought a season 
of Rescue Me on DVD simply because Bart said it was worthwhile.)  I bought oil stock when Bart 
predicted that oil was going to hit $100 barrel.  I now drink high end tequila because of Bart's recommendation.  
Bartcop Radio has entertained me on the treadmill and many long flights.  Bartcop has also given me 
a sense of community as i feel connected to others who share my sensibilities.

Oh, and i almost forgot!  Poker! Bart turned me on to the intricacies of the game and got me involved 
in on-line poker through Full Tilt. 

Of course Bart himself may not even realize the extent of his influence as we have never spoken 
and only passed a handful of email between us.

But the real reason i support Bartcop has to do with something that happened a few months back.   
I was quoting something from Bartcop and instead of referring to "something i read on line"  i said, 
"a friend of mine says...."  and that's when it dawned on me.  Bart has been a friend for 5+ years.  
He is my neighbour who collects my mail while i'm out of town.   He is my co-worker who tells me 
he saw something great on tv last night.  He is the guy who i turn to because i respect his opinion.    
We would not recognize each other if we came face to face but that doesn't make my feelings any less.

Whether it is my neighbour, or the co-worker, or the guy whose opinion i respect, i wouldn't hesitate
to invite them for a drink to show my appreciation.  And similarly, I don't think of my contribution to 
BCR as a donation, i think of it as a thank you, perhaps just a courteous, simple way of saying i 
appreciate how you have added to my life.

In my books, a couple of beers a month is just my way of saying thanks.

Your friend,
 jeff in South Carolina

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