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Subject: More Drones Talk - The Brew





Since you are "just like Bush," I will have to explain it to you using small words and simple examples.

 ha ha

We don't live in a world where our actions don't have consequences. 

Odd that you felt the need to tell me that.

If we choose to send drones into Pakistan and fire missiles that kill women and children on a daily basis,
we will terrorize the entire region and will ultimately create far more terrorists than we will kill. 

You still refuse to answer the most simple question - what's your solution?
You want to whine about my solution, but where's yours?

Sorry to break the news to you, that is exactly what we are doing.  So even though we might want kill
a terrorist in Pakistan who we believe is planning to put a bomb on a plane, it might be counterproductive
to do so because it will create 10 more terrorists who will then plan to put 10 more bombs on planes,
and if half of them will succeed, it will lead to five blown up planes instead of just one.

Would you rather blow up five planes or one?  Five or one?  Well President Bart? 
What is it going to be, five planes or one?  Just answer the damn question! 

Unlike you, I have no problem answering the question.
I say we blow up any bomber that we can positively identify.

Will you ever answer the question?

As an aside, the NY Times reported a few days ago that right at the start of this drone program, in order to
get permission to fly drones in Pakistan's airspace, the very first mission was to kill a man who was not
wanted by us, but who was instead wanted by the Pakistani government.  So don't kid yourself. 
Whatever this program has become, the entire debacle started as a mercenary murder for hire operation.
(cue the music; Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain...)

Since you refuse to answer ther super-simple question,
maybe you don't deserve a voice in this debate.

We also don't live in a world of unlimited resources.

Odd that you felt the need to tell me that.

It costs money to check everyone's shoes at the airport.  We don't have infinite money. 
If we check every grandma from Oklahoma who gets on a plane with her walker, that means we
don't spend the money on intelligence infiltrating terrorist organizations and intercepting their communications
or screening passenger lists against other intel sources.  So checking everyone's shoes might actually lead
to more death and destruction, not less.

So, would you rather waste a colossal amount of time and money checking everyone's shoes,
or save far more lives by spending the money getting better intel?  Which is it, President Bart? 
Save lives or check shoes?  What is it going to be, lives or shoes?  Just answer the damn question! 

You're upset that I put you in a box that you can't get out of.
Why can't you answer a simple question?

A second aside, if you were to haul your Okie ass to France you would find that on the flight home
you didn't have to take off your shoes.  That is because the French realize that their are diminishing
returns to fighting every risk to the nth degree.  Remember, that the shoe bomber got on the plane in France. 
So checking everyone's shoes in Tulsa would not have stopped him.

We can fight terrorism without killing innocent people using drones
and without making everybody's grandma go through the full body scanner. 

The two are not mutually exclusive.

All my love,

So why can't a fancy-pants lawyer like yourself can't answer simple questions?

The answer to the question is "Bart (and Obama) are right - we must use the drones"
but you can't allow yourself to go there.  
You're stuck in that box and you can't get out.

I've never been in that position - it must suck.

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