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Catholics - Are You Kidding Me?
The Brew has an opinion   





Hi Bart:

Bruce writes to tell us that "only" 4-6 percent of the Catholic priests were raping little children,
so you should just back off and let by-gones be by-gones.

Are you fucking kidding me?

According to the Catholic Church, there are over 400,000 priests.

If 5 percent of them are raping little children, that is 20,000 child raping priests! 
Which is not news to any of the higher ups in the Catholic Church.  Not only did the bishops
and the cardinals and the pope know about this army of child raping priests, they actively
perpetuated it for DECADES by moving the child raping priests from parish to parish,
hiding their crimes from the civil authorities and providing fresh victims for them to prey upon. 
Hundreds of thousands of little children were raped for DECADES because the Catholic Church
deliberately and knowingly adopted policies that insured that it would continue to happen, all to
protect their money, power and reputation.

The sheer magnitude of this crime is mind boggling.  Hundreds of thousands of little children
were raped by the religious authority figures who claimed to hold the keys to the salvation of
these children.  Typically, the weakest and most vulnerable were specifically selected for abuse;
the deaf, those with poor or single parents, the meek, shy, and sheltered.  The only crimes that
compare with it in history that I can think of are those committed by governments.

In the middle of all this, the leadership of the Catholic Church has the gall to stand there and
try to force the rest of us to live what they describe as "moral lives."  Every single day the
Catholic Church actively participates in the political process in an attempt to force their views
on all of us by making their views the law of the land.  These run the gamut from mundane
local zoning ordinances, criminal law and foreign policy to the more publicized issues of birth
control, homosexual unions, and abortion.  There is literally no political issue on which the
Church has not staked out a position which it is actively trying to make mandatory for everyone,
non-Catholics included.  When the Catholic Church isn't trying to force their views on the rest
of us by advocating changes to the law, the Church is trying to exempt itself from laws it doesn't
like (for example to provide insurance that covers birth control to their employees working in
hospitals) because it shocks their "conscience" and offends their "morality."

Institutions don't have consciences.  People do.  Churches aren't moral actors.  People are. 
And the people who run the Catholic Church have shown their consciences are completely defective. 
The leadership of the Catholic Church has demonstrated beyond the shadow of any doubt that it
has no moral authority to tell anyone anything.

I suggest you make a deal with the Catholic Church and people like Bruce.  If the Catholic Church
will agree to stop trying to make their political agenda the law of the land while simultaneously claiming
that their political agenda is a moral edict handed down from Almighty God, then you would agree to
stop pointing out that we shouldn't trust the moral authority of anyone who has been providing
cover and asylum to a 20,000 strong child raping army for as long as any of us have been alive.

Does that sound fair?


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