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Subject: you are wrong about drones





Hi Bart. 

Have fun in Alaska.  Before you go, I have to argue with you on the drone thing.  You said:

"Do you understand that we're in a war with thousands (some day millions) of lives at stake?"

You sound like Rudy Fucking 911 Guiliani. 

I'm used to that.
Anyone who believes in self-defense is "another Cheney."

Talk like this is what drove Dennis Miller off the career cliff. 
Can you prove thousands or millions of lives are at stake?  I don't think you can. 
I don't think you can prove any lives are at stake.  I don't think you can prove a
single solitary person that we have killed with a drone has the capability to kill or
pose any real threat to any of us.  But I would love to hear you try.

Have you never heard of the shoe bomber?
Do you deny that radical Islamists are trying to blow up US airplanes?

In the real world, those people exist, but not on Brew's Planet?

We are killing people in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, and Pakistan. 
When is the last time anyone from any of these places attacked or killed anyone inside of the US? 

Osama bin Laden launched the 9-11 attacks from Afghanistan.
How could you forget that?

When is the last time anyone from any of these places delivered a bomb to the US?  You act like
these people have nuclear armed ICBMs, and if we don't hit them with drones, RIGHT AWAY!
they will launch against us ANY SECOND!  That is crazy talk.  They might want to set off a bomb
to kill some of our soldiers WHO INVADED THEIR COUNTRIES, but the solution to that is to leave. 
They aren't going to follow the troops back.

You need to learn how to use Google.
You've never heard of the shoe bomber and you've never heard of the bomb-makers in
Somalia/Yemen who put a bomb in an ink cartridge and tried to ship it to the US on a plane?
Have you ever heard of a town in Scotland called Lockerbie?

Why do you think security is so tight at airports?
Until you admit this threat exists, I don't see how we can debate the subject.

Even if they wanted to, these people have no capability to project force to the US.  And if you
feel otherwise, don't you think we at least have the burden to at least try to convince someone,
somewhere, that we are right about our suspicions before we fucking MURDER them?  If not,
where does it stop?  Do we kill them for building bombs, or just for saying they want to build a bomb? 
Do we kill them for saying they hate us, or just for thinking it?  Do we kill them simply because they
have a gun and they say they don't particularly care for America, or do they have to say they really,
really don't care for America?  Or do we just kill everyone, because, well, you never know, they might
want to kill us someday in the distant future?  Since we apparently don't have to "prove" anything to
anyone, what, exactly, do we have to "believe" they might have said, thought, written, or done before
we unilaterally decide to send a hellfire missile raining down on their child's wedding, killing everyone they know?

You seem to think that MY position is that we murder anyone who says "down with America."
That's not my position.

My position is IF we have good intel (maybe we should debate that?) that some dude in that
one gray building on the corner in some Somali town is building bombs to kill Americans,
we should stop him BEFORE he does that.

You disagree with my position, but you have failed to state your position on preventing airplane explosions.
I can only conclude you're willing to let the bomb-makers build those bombs.
I'm glad you're not the president,
IF that's your position.

Then you said:

"It boils down to this: If YOU have a gun and someone starts shooting at you, you have options:"

Uh, just who exactly is shooting at you?  Is there are hail of bullets landing in Oklahoma
coming all the way from Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, and Pakistan that we didn't hear about? 
Or are their bad intentions enough?

There you go again, pretending the threat against bombs on airplanes isn't real.
Why are you pretending that?
Are you somehow using the wrong words that make you sound illogical?

BTW, "shooting at you" is a rhetorical tool to represent a real and valid threat.
You seem to think there is no real or valid threat against our airlines.
If you weren't my close friend, I'd use sarcasm here to make you appear stupid.

We are a rouge nation.  With no evidence, trial, or safeguards whatsoever, we are unilaterally
killing people in other countries because we "believe" they may attack us at some point in the future. 

So, you're clearly stating that there is no threat of anyone trying to put bombs on our planes.
You couldn't be more clear if you tried,

You are arguing for this pre-emptive war on individuals all over the world. 
That puts you in the same camp as Bush, Cheney and Hitler.  Come back from the dark side, Bart.

Yes, I'm Hitler - I admit it.

It is murder, plain and simple.  We need to stop it.

You say it's murder, Obama and I say killing bomb-makers is self-defense.

Under President Brew's watch, would the bombing of US planes be allowed?

You're stuck inside a bombing-planes-is-OK box and you can't get out.


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