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Subject: Brooks liar on C-Span

Morning Bart,  Up unusually early for a change and I slipped on C-Span. 

David Brooks (exactly as you say NYTimes whore---ugggggh) addressing a group of 
Young Americans----the garbage he fed to them was almost enough to make me lose my breakfast, 
except that I hadn't had anything to eat yet.  

He went on about the wonderful George W. & that how REALLY intellligent he was & that he 
was more well read then he (Bush) let on.  That was the longest of his statements, then continued 
with his adultation for MacBush & what a workaholic he was, could never slow down even at 
home, was always surrounded by people.  His senate office was in the midst of his staff rather than 
hidden away in a corner.  

I waited, what would he say about Obama?  Obama didn't have enough experience to know the 
ways of Washington, joined organizations with polical agenda in mind (meaning his church) early on.....

Brooks spoke Tuesday and evoked a reaction of rage from me. I have NOT flow our flag for 8 years  
& if Macbush should become elected because of the  voters' lack of investigating character etc I will fly 
it upside down & perhaps you'll see this old writer behind bars. 

Talk about the worst of them - David Brooks is the leader of the pack hitting against Obama. 
If Brooks is supposed to be an "intellectural" smart enough to have been hired by the holyof holies 
NYWHORETIMES, then I'm not living in the world of the sane. 

We have fled our Constituation and trampled it to the ground.    
In great disgust, 

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