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Subject: More Toyota talk

Bart, my good friend of 12 years....So, you want to support the Jap-sponsored Senators 
from the Rebel states of Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee?  They, Shelby, Cochran, Corker,
Alexander, McConnell, and Bunning are all whores of the Japanese carmaker, Toyota.

You see Toyota and think of Nazi scum.
I see Toyota and say, "Damn, that's a great car."

I, my good friend, would prefer to be on the side of the Michigan governor, 
and the Michigan senators who support the GM, Ford, and Chrysler auto workers. 
...Not the fucking hillbillys who work in the southern Toyota plants. 

So we should let the media hang Toyota because they choose to build their assembly plants
in rural areas because it was a lot cheaper to live there?  That's why they should be punished?

8 and one half complaints of unexpected acceleration in Toyota cars is not a minor complaint, eh. 

The tens of millions of Toyota owners might think that number is small-ish.
I'd like to remind everyone that so far, nobody knows what they're talking about.

We have to find a smoking gun before we know who, if anyone, needs to be punished.

Now, the Japanese back home are saying it's an American conspiracy to destroy their company. 
"Man the air-to-air missiles in Pearl Harbor, boys!" :>) Bruce Tobin 

You're saying the media is treating this like just another important safety issue?
I know there's snow on the ground but the media thinks it's August.
They're treating this story like it involved Clinton's cock.

Bart, you must not read the Consumer Reports (AKA Toyota Reports). Ha,ha.ha. 
They rated the Toyota SUV above the Suburban because the third seat didn't 
fold into the body of the vehicle! 

I hope you get many many years from your American car.
I hope your American car is inexpensive to operate.
I hope your American car gets you top dollar when you trade it in.

What do the celebrities and world leaders ride around in?
It's not a fucking Toyota....
Keep the hammer on the Repugs,

I think those world leaders drive a Lexus - not sure. 

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