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Buzzcook's Idol Review 

Bart this gets easier as the numbers go down. 
I was only mildly pissed off that I had to listen to Didi, Tim, and Aaron. 
Maybe that has to do with me missing the first three kids.

Bye bye Paige.

Well missed the first part Sorry.

Didi Benami Does “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted,”
After two songs where she emoted her way through, Didi gives singing a try.   ha ha
Surprisingly she’s not any better. I bet you’re already missing whatzhername.

Randy calls it flat-lined. Ellen says nothing. Kara says she doesn’t know who she is. 
Simon calls for jello shots. We learn that Didi sent the song out to someone.

That f-ing Seafoam kept trying to get Didi to say who the song was for.
He asked her 2-3 times and she wouldn't budge while she was fighting back tears so he halfway spills the beans.
Moral: Never talk to Seafoam.

“What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” was written by David Letterman's Best Man's brother.

Tim Urban does “Sweet Love”
JeZuZ loves Tim so we’ll be seeing him next week. Sounds like they have him singing through a filter. 
I remember Bobby Sherman with a certain fondness after listening to Tim.

Wasn't that funny?
No matter how bad Tim is, he's back next week so he's enjoying it.

And isn't his haircut the same as Davey Jones from the Monkees 44 years ago?

Randy says it was in tune. Ellen does some pre-scripted bits written by Buddy Sorrel. 

ha ha
I thought about you Tuesday when Ellen went into one of her unfunny, prepared bits.
When Simon leaves and Ellen ascends into his chair, the show will super-suck.

Kara doesn’t know what city she’s in. Simon thinks the panel is irrelevant. I agree with Simon.

Idol Quotes

"This is exactly what Tim Urban looked and sounded like during his Tuesday performance on Idol
Picture this scenario.  Ten old-time villains show up in a black towncar, pull a black bag over Tim’s head, 
and drive him to an undisclosed location.  Once there, they throw him into the basement, shine a white light
on him, and tell him, “Sing ‘Sweet Love’ by Anita Baker or we’ll blow your head off.”  The performance he
would give in that scenario is exactly the performance he gave on ‘Idol.’  A mix of terror, voice cracking, 
and the occasional good note when he managed to pull himself together briefly.  What a mess."
     -- StarPulse,  Link

Andrew Garcia does “Forever”
Andy does ok. I do wonder what the guy sitting on the square stool was up to.
Andy needs to learn how to connect to the back row.

Randy likes it, says "Dope." Ellen says smile and the world watches old comedy writers roll in their graves. 
Kara babbles. Simon thinks Andy needs to get a personality.

In TV Guide they said Kara and Ellen don't get along.
The frost between them is palpable, which is maybe why Kara climbs on Simon all night.

Katie Stevens does “Chain of Fools”
There is a reason that Ms. Franklin is the Queen of Soul. 
Katie has some growing up to do before she can claim royalty. 
“Four five long years”, that’s a third of Katie’s life, so unless she’s singing about a relative… 
Nice voice pretty girl.

They usually vote the pretty girl off in Week One - that changed this year.

Randy wants one big moment. Ellen references the Jersey Shore. 
Kara says something. Simon thinks she’s a robot.

Lee Dewyze does “Treat Her Like a Lady”.
Lee does a very good version of the song, sounding like who ever it is that he sounds like. 
I like him more than I did. I vote much improved.

Randy is unbelievable. Ellen babbles. Kara babbles too. Simon believes in Lee.

Simon said, "This is the night your life changed forever."
That's gotta feel good if one is struggling to make it in show business.

Crystal Bowersox does “Midnight Train to Georgia”
I guess she couldn’t find any Joplin songs. ha ha You're cracking me up.

Crystal does her usual good job. She might be coasting a bit. But still she is the best of the bunch.

Randy likes it. Ellen is barfing cliches. Kara has no constructive criticism. Simon doesn’t like 
the arrangement and doesn’t want Crystal to get the soul sucked out of her.

Aaron Kelly does “Ain’t No Sunshine”
I thought the song was corny as heck when it came out. Since then I’ve heard some OK versions of it. 
Aaron’s version wasn’t one of them. I know, I know I know Aaron goes on to next week.

Randy says it’s alright. Ellen insults Aaron. Kara wants a boy soprano. Simon thinks Aaron is a cupcake.

Better than last week. I just want to apologize to Buddy Sorrell and every other TV gag writer past and present. 

"No problem, kid."

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