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Buzzcook's Idol Review

So, most folks know a couple of inspirational songs, “We Shall Over Come”, or “Everyday People”. 
The depth and breadth of the material is huge and unless Idol makes the kids pick off a limited menu, 
everyone should find a song that they can do and that also speaks to their hearts.

But then again I said pretty much the same thing about Elvis week.

Casey shirtless boy does “Don’t Stop”. Well Casey makes pleasant background music. 
The boy is losing ground over the last few weeks. Thanks for the memories of the Clinton campaign though.

Randy damns with slight praise, wants Casey to try something different. Ellen says his guitar playing is great but he isn’t. 
Kara calls jam band. Simon says it isn’t very inspirational, says bad song choice.

Lee Dewyze does “The Boxer”. Doesn’t really seem like an inspirational choice to me. But Lee is headed toward 
second after Crystal so we’ll see. Pulls a bit back from the S&G version and does a bit of the Streisand on it. 
It works ok but it doesn’t quite make it. Maybe if he didn’t have to cut the heck out of it, Lee could have developed the song better.

As a rule, songs with lyrics of "La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la" tend to blow donkey.  The lone exception Here
How can "La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la" be inspirational?   
These best thing about this Paul Simon snoozefest is the cannons exploding - but Lee didn't have that.

Randy says he’s one of Lee’s biggest fans. Ellen thinks it’s a beautiful song choice. 
Kara calls it a moment. Simon says it’s the best so far.

Tim Urban does “Better Days”. Tim starts out nervous. He tries to build but hits a couple nasty off notes.
There is nothing to this version. It’s not a very difficult song and Tim can’t hack it. Thank god Tim has Jezuz on his side.   ha ha

Randy is all "Yo it’s karaoke." Ellen uses some bad pre-scripted material. 

I agree - Ellen used her canned material horribly and I figured out how she does it. The judges get the songs 
in advance so Ellen calls her writers and has them come up with some lame-ass jokes that just don't fly.

Ellen's joke last night was "It's like a restuarant - sometimes I like the soup, 
and sometimes I don't. Tonight I didn't like the soup."

IMNTBHO, Ellen is going to kill this show when she takes over next year.

Kara doesn’t say anything. Simon thinks Tim has over stretched himself.

Aaron Kelly does “I Believe I Can Fly”. 
While Aaron does ok he should think of Art Linkletter’s daughter before he sings this again. 

ha ha - that's terrible!

Aaron goes for the big finish and hits the notes. Aaron is officially the next Disney boy.

Randy say he did ok. Ellen fails with another pre-scripted bit. Kara says it ended well. 
Simon likes the end too. I think the judges sense the futility of it all.

Siobhan Magnus does “When you Believe”. Breathy at the start. Kind of schizophrenic arrangement. 
Hopping from slow and contemplative to full Mariah just doesn’t work. She is now officially just another pretty girl with a pretty voice.

The judges tell them constantly - do NOT do Mariah, Whitney or Aretha, but they never listen.
I have a theory: In their head, when they sing a song by the greats, they hear the great's voice.
I think Siobhan's going home tonight. . 

Randy says it’s just ok. Ellen babbles. Kara thinks it’s got technical merit but no style points. Simon says it’s old fashion.

Don't you hate it when the Idol producers say,"We're doing slow, shitty ballads this week," 
and then the judges say, "For me, it seemed kind of slow and shitty...."

I think that "theme" crap is crap.
They wanto see the country kid sing soul - why?
They want the Brother to sing a twangy country song - why?

Big Mike does “Hero”. Did someone force him to use the strings? Even if Mike tried to put some edge on the vocals
(he didn’t) the arrangement made it all soft. In some ways this was a good song in that Mike was out of his comfort zone. 
Where Mike failed is where he always fails, he played it safe. Mike has a go to church voice and he should have used it.

Howard Stern has a theory ..
He says the band always screws up the songs - not in a technical sense,
but he says the contestants always sound better with less band and he might be right.

Did you know, after Kevin Eubanks leaves Jay Leno's train wreck of a show,
the Idol band is taking over - so we can all sit on pins and needles waiting for that. (heavy sarcasm)

Randy thinks it worked. Ellen says nothing. Kara says it wasn’t her fav. 
Simon says it’s not jelly. I think the judges are just waiting for Crystal.

Crystal Bowersox does “People Get Ready”. Crystal does a Crystal job. 
Her voice gives a bit of a screech in part. A bit of emotion at the end. 
That explains the screech a bit and the slight lack of lung power. 
Still better than anyone else.

Randy calls it outstanding. Ellen babbles. ha ha - That's not a review because Ellen always bables :)
Kara admits that Crystal is the only one there. Simon likes the emotional break, says it means Crystal isn’t mailing it in.

So with a couple exceptions the kids don’t seem to know what an inspirational song is. 
At least Tim didn’t shoot for his xtian roots and pick a Sandy Patti song. 
For a second I thought Big Mike was going to sing a Bette Midler song, at least we were saved that.

So tomorrow we’ll see if the power of JeZuZ still works.

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