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Buzzcook's Idol Review 

Bye bye Didi.

8 left after we loose Aaron

So all Beatles songs are classic so you canít change them one bit, while at the same time making them your own. 
Pretty simple really. Of course the judges lay in wait for the people with the temerity to make the song their own 
or doing the song the way the Beatles did it.

So Simon says sometimes yes sometimes no.

Aaron Kelly "The Long and Winding RoadĒ Aaron also does Yoda voices, Loser, he isha ha
A little of the tremolo that fear brings. A bit slow and not very memorable. The big dramatic ending is neither 
big or dramatic. Aaron is pretty much Tim's only competition to be a Disney kid. But Tim doesn't have Jezuz on his side.
Randyís mike gives better feed back than he does. Ellen was bored. Kara says that when heís good heís not great. 
Simon does the eye roll when Aaron explains why he chose the song. Simon also thinks he should be young.

Katie Stevens "Let it Be" This is a real snore fest of a song. I thought so when I first heard it and pretty much still do. 
Perhaps only Hey Jude is more inane. So unless youíre a Beatle, let it be. Katie of course had to pick an slow largo song 
when the judges have been asking her to liven it up a bit. I thing gramma Sunshine asked her to do it. 
Geez cute, Katie whores herself out as a prom date. Some parent is going to get a heck of a phone bill. 
She sings it with a little girls voice at first. The piano is playing the song as a lullaby. Finally she picks the song up 
to slow and tired at the end. Making the song your own by making it even more boring is not the best idea.
Randy thinks itís best evah. Ellen thinks she made it her own, without changing it.. 
Kara thinks Katie is blossoming. Simon thinks she got it right because she was more country, less pop.

Andrew Garcia "Can't Buy Me Love" Now that heís abandoned the girl songs Andy is more popular with the judges. 
This song is a real up tempo rocker that is all testosterone. Andrew is all about taking songs and making them internalized
and personal. I donít smell a single. Well he does make it a poppy and at least he didnít slow it down too much. 
Iím hearing a lounge act version. Andy aims for pop instead of alt/rock.
Randy says itís corny. Ellen uses some pre-scripted material. Kara didnít like it and wanted more different. 
Simon thinks wedding singer and bad arrangement.

Big Mike "Eleanor Rigby". Iím expecting Mike to do a watered down soul/R&B version with pleasing vocals and
no big mistakes. Thatís been his MO for the last few weeks. Well didnít like the ending, over all better than I expected. 
I want to see Mike taking it to church more. Heís pretty much playing it safe. Being better than everyone except Crystal 
is not a claim to fame.Randy is loving the parts that worked. Ellen says Mike is many sided. Kara thinks Mikes on fire 
and made the song commercial. Simon thinks itís too Broadway, too over the top. I would like to see Mike rock a lot harder.

Crystal Bowersox "Come Together" The girls got a cold. This song is the goofy fun opening to the Beatles best album. 
I gotta say adding the didgeridoo is pretty rad. As usual Crystal is the best of the bunch. She didnít fall into being a Janice clone. 
She sounded original. So it's pretty much Crystal's game, But we can't go home yet.  Randy is all yo yo notices the song starts 
slow and then speeds up. Ellen loves the Australian thing you blow into. Kara says this is her fav, and loves the Bonnie Raitt feel. 
Simon says this is a radio song. Just as a side note does anyone else think this is a pretty insulting thing to say?

Tim Urban "All My Lovin" Iím waiting for that falsetto ending. Well with Tim Iím waiting for any ending. Boring boring boring. 
Tim needs to be locked up with an Edinburgh punk band and a keg of cheap beer.   ha ha  If he escapes alive he might have 
picked up something.  Randy admits that Tim is special. Ellen thinks only halleluiah was better. Kara pretty much gives up on Tim. 
Simon thinks Tim was ok. Simon also thinks Tim takes it like a man. I agree - if that man is Gumby. 
You notice how I passed on the homo-erotic joke there? Yes I gots some class.

Casey shirtless boy "Jealous Guy"   Itís a smart move to pick a less well known song. I guess they had already paid the strings 
so Casey had to add them to his song. This is a pretty good version. I see him doing this as the single travel spot solo break 
for a jam band. Phish is calling.   Randy likes the sensitive stuff. Ellen calls it Caseyís best to date. She was moved by the 
pretty hair. Kara says Casey should his vulnerable side and was tasty or tasteful. Simon agrees with Ellen.

Siobhan Magnus "Across the Universe"   Is this the most over done Beatles song of late? Three weeks ago I thought 
Siobhan was cool beans. Since then Iíve become disenchanted. What the heck happened to the quirk? She does a light 
version of a throw away song.  Randy thinks sheís artsy and likes the clothes. Ellen says Siobhan is ďspecialĒ, compares 
her to Rufus Wainwright. Kara doesnít hear an FM hit. Simon elicits a sob story from Siobhan. Iím thinking Siobhan is 
sinking toward the bottom three.

Lee DeWyze "Hey Jude" So someone has sunk to the level of this repetitive, self indulgent, McCartney drivel. 
Lee did great last week. I donít expect him to tank. So I was wrong, this is a drunk singing karaoke on a dare stuff. 
Even the bagpiper couldnít save him. They do play at funerals.  Randy is laughing, not a good sign. Ellen does some 
bagpipe humor. (Sometimes Ellen's gag writers get it right) Kara hears Lee on the radio. Simon agrees that alcohol was involved.

So with Jezuz monkeys on his side Tim will be with us next week.

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