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Buzzcook's Idol Recap

Well just like Elvis there are no “Sinatra” songs, just songs that he sang. 
So there really isn’t any need to try to find a new way to sing these songs. 
They pretty much can just sing the songs straight.

Basically Sinatra was just a continuation of what was started by Armstrong, Holliday, and Crosby. 
That pretty much means singing to the lyric instead of the melody. That doesn’t sound like much, 
but it was darn revolutionary in the twenties and still new stuff in the forties, when Frank started out.

I didn’t care for Frank as a kid; he was just a big pop star for old folks that sang goofy songs about banana trees. 
It wasn’t until I listened to Frank Sinatra live in Las Vegas with Count Basie that I really found out what a good singer he could be. 
If you can find that album get it and listen to it.

A few weeks ago I woud have said there was no way to mess up these classic songs. 
I’ve learned that with Idol nothing is impossible.

Aaron Kelly tries “Fly Me to the Moon” Slides up to the first note and not in a good way. 
Does an ok jazz break, He needs to hit the big notes harder, sharper attacks. Loosens up later in the song 
and gets some poppy swing stuff.   Ends weak.   Disney sitcom level not Disney movie level.

Randy says good job. Ellen PSB about Connick. (Harry is her friend so we can expect lots more bad jokes at his expense.) 
Kara thinks last week was better, predicts he’ll be here next week. Simon agrees with Kara thinks Aaron was mousie. All the judges talk up Sinatra.

Casey shirtless boy picks “Blue Skies” Harry tells Casey not to screw it up. Struggles to keep on key. Second verse gets a bit bluesie. 
He’s losing control of the song. This is sucky sucky singing. If you listen you can here Connick hitting the right notes with a hammer. 
Casey didn’t listen to Harry.

Randy is yowing, calls worst performance. Ellen psb about Harry, (I told you so). Kara says it sucked less at the end 
and Casey had vibrato that you could drive a truck through. Simon says he’s uncomfortable, calls awkward and embarassed. 
Connick says Casey was great in practice. I can believe that because the arrangement was solid and Casey had shards of a clue. Too bad.

Crystal Bowersox does “Summer Wind” She does a solid Crystal version of the song. Sounds like one of the fifties chanteuses. 
She could have been a bit sharper at the start, it sounded a bit breathy.

Randy doesn’t know, calls it sleepy. Ellen says it was better in the second half. Kara kinda likes it, says her phraseing is good. 
Simon thinks it was a bad song choice and the first bit was too jazzy. “Too jazzy”? idiot. Crystal stands up for herself, 
that’s usually a bad decision. I think the panel will take its revenge on the uppity contestant.

Big Mike sings “The Way You Look Tonight”   So lets make a prediction. Mike will sing a smooth soul version with a bit of falsetto at the end. 
Surprisingly Mike does go a bit Frank on this tune. The difference is Frank popped the notes when he went up tempo. 
Big Mike was still a little too sliddy and legato. I vote much improved.

Randy says Mike is in it to win it. Ellen says Mike is comfortable. 
Kara says Mike was dramatic and didn’t lose himself. Simon says fantastic.

Lee DeWyze braves “That’s Life” This is probably the hardest song to sing of the songs tonight. 
Lee borrows something from Dr. John. He’s doing the Connick version of the song and does a pretty good copy. 
Better than Crystal (I thought I’d never write that).

Randy says it was still rocker. Ellen psb, says it was the best so far. 
Kara tells him to write "I can win" 100 times . Simon gives props to Harry, agrees with Ellen.

Bye bye Casey.

I gotta agree with Simon. Harry Connick did a great job with the idol kids. He even made a valiant, but futile, effort to save Casey. 
That’s more than the regular band ever did. I'm betting it was Harry that pushed Big Mike out of doing his same old schtick.

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