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Buzzcook's Idol Review 

Big Mike didn't suck with a bluesy version of "Its a Man's World".
James Brown didn't roll over in his grave but he didn't get up and dance. Geez the panel is falling over themselves for the performance.
I'm a fan of the blues so I like Big Mike so far. The question for me is can he adapt to the light pop that's Idols bread and butter.

John Park. Oddly enough he's a Korean that speaks Korean as his first language.
Gravity by John Mayer, is an easy song that doesn't torture Parks voice. It's a nice voice but he doesn't do much with it.
Pretty much this is a guy for local bars.
The panel doesn't like him.
Oh Ellen likes his looks.

Casey the shirtless guy, does "I Don't Want to Be".
The guy has the alternative rock thing down. Once again its not a very challenging song vocally, but unlike Park he sells the song. .
Ellen wants him to be looser. Kara and Simon think he's more Park-like than I do.
He ain't all that with guitar.

Alex Lambert has stage fright. Well he's in good company so does Carly Simon. Suck it up boy.
Legends "Everybody Knows", who knew it was a Disney kid song?
Unfortunately this performance is just what the producers like. I think Alex is going to be this seasons Sanjia or David Artuletta.
The panel votes him most improved and Simon thinks he should get a killer instinct.

Todrick Hall does Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do With It".
He starts with the Streisand trick of slowing it down and sucking each note for what its worth and then he never speeds up.
Randy starts with the ususal Idol double cross of saying make a song your own but don't change a classic.
Ellen and Tara want him to dance. Tara completes the double cross by saying he hasn't sung the song in an original way.
Todrick can sing, he just can't pop it up Idol style.
I actually think Todrick has some potential if he finds a good producer. Who knows, maybe when he gets voted off 
Ellen will take him under her wing. She does seem to be building a stable of singers.

Jermaine Sellers "What's Going On?" Marvin Gaye.
On a couple of notes he needed to re-steam his voice. Unlike Todrick, Jermaine knew what a jazz break was. 
Didn't do it that well but at least he tried to put some variation in the song.  Gees I agree with Kara. It would have
been nice if he'd sung the song strait and concentrated on the lyrics. But of course if he'd done that they would have 
told him to make the song his own. I don't think Jermaine is long for the Idol world.

Andrew Garcia is a break dancer, wonder if the panel will tell him he moves to much?
James Morrison, “You Gave Me Something". He has a little tinny sound at first, then mellows out a bit. 
Doesn't do anything remarkable with the song and he does worse when he attempt a vocal run.
The panel is still on his version of :Straight up", well that was a few weeks ago and what has he done for us lately.
Andrew needs to go back to singing girl songs.

Aaron Kelly has a crush on Simon.
"My Girl" The Temptations. Unfortunately Aaron has those breathing problems brought on by fear. 
Can't catch your breath on the light parts and high notes get strangled.
Pretty much this sucked.
Of course Randy and Ellen think he did OK. Kara has a thing for very young men. Is shirtless boy jealous? Simon agrees with me.
There are some people that can stand to be beaten up. Aaron is not one of them.

Tim Urban. I missed the title of the forgetable song he sings like he's at a high school sock hop.
Tim does hit the occasional good note, he just doesn't string them together well.
The panel doesn't like him. Even Ellen. Simon thinks Tim is much improved, why/ Because Simon thinks the kid listened to him.
I think Tim needs to pray to a different god.

Ok I missed his name.
Hinders, "Lips of an Angel".
He sounds like a distant clone of a couple of singers. Lets say Stone Temple Pilots. The kind of forced roughness
that stands in lieu of an ability to sing the blues.  Kara says it all, when she says "I can hear you on the radio now". 
Basically he's a good clone but who needs another whats their name.
I say he goes to the final eight.
Lee Dewyze was the kids name.

All these kids can sing. A couple of them have good voices. None of them owned the songs they picked.
Hopefully some of these guys will have the ability to improve.

Usually I don't pay attention to Idol till there's a dozen people left. After tonight I know why.

Ok ladies night and we missed the first part cause we had to go to the granddaughter’s choir concert. 
From grade school to high school packed into a gymnasium with the acoustics of a gym. Not bad all things considered.

Katie Stevens. Geez didn’t I just see her at the gym? Oddly the song she did last week was the combined choir’s closing number. 
I miss Nina Simon.
Missed the title of the song and Katie is missing a line to the song. She’s not playing the songs lyrics. 
It’s more like she’s just trying to make pretty sounds.
Nice voice, give here a few years on stage in a cheap bar and she might have something.
The Panel doesn’t like her either. I’m beginning to wonder if Ellen can offer any advice useful to a singer.

Didi Benami is a praying girl that meows sings “lean on Me” Bill Withers.
Soul singing is not something you can put on like a coat. Didi doesn’t seem to know this.
The song could have been a light poppy piece of fluff and everyone would have loved her. She’s praying to the wrong god.
Here’s the question, Didi is a singer song writer, why doesn’t she do her own stuff?

Michelle Delamor does Creed “Arms Wide Open”.
Geez another praying girl, she doesn’t know the odds on that one.
Well it doesn’t go anywhere, and the stock high note ending sucks.
The Randy and Ellen try to find nice things to say. Kara and Simon think she’s much improved.
Simon admits that the panel’s advice is contradictory, who knew?

Lily Scott is addicted to throat spray. Cool
“A Change is Going to Come” Sam Cooke
Lily has that crack in her voice that started being popular at the end of the 80’s. 
I’m reminded of Melanie Safka without the cuteness. Trying to change the melodic flow of the classic kinda works. 
At least she’s trying.
Randy likes it and Ellen babbles. Tara thinks this will be a landmark moment in the show. 
Simon likes Crystal better.

Katelyn Epperly “The Scientist” Cold Play
OK Idol as a piano bar. Well she plays to the camera without mugging too much.
Nice voice, singing a forgettable version of a middle level song.
Randy likes it and Ellen fell asleep. Kara is taking on Paula’s mantle of liking everything, 
but warns that Katelyn has to be herself. Simon votes much improved.
Pretty girl, pretty voice, pretty forgettable.

Paige Miles like coloring books. Well who out there doesn’t?
“Walk Away” Kelly Clarkson.
Nice. She has a bit of the loss of breath from the fear thing.
Strong pop sound, the judges will love her.
Randy thinks there are too many words in the song. Ellen babbles. 
Kara wrote the song and is upset Paige didn’t know her back-story. 
Simon didn’t love it. Well guess I was wrong.

Siobhan Magnus, does “Think” Aretha Franklin
Ok kids this is not a smiley happy song.
Siobhan sings well and doesn’t mess up.
Randy, Kara, and Ellen babble. Simon is mystified.

I like this show much better when it’s on in the background while I surf the web. 
Actually paying attention is no fun.

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