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Buzzcook's Idol Review 

Hey Bart, here's my second attempt at Idol reviewing. 
I notice that the judges could be replaced by automatons. 
If Ellen is being paid big bucks for what she's doing she should 
pleasure her agent for the rest of her or his life for making the deal.

Voted off, Jermaine Sellers and John Park for the boys and Michelle Delamor and Haeley Vaughn
They’re gone, now lets check out ladies night.

Katie Stevens. Sings Kelly Clarkson’s “Break Away”
Well nice voice and a gutless version of a not inspiring song.
Randy doesn’t get it, Ellen is glad she took their advice, Kara thinks she needs 
to find herself and Simon says he should have advised a different song.

Siobhan Magnus, does “House of the Rising Sun”
Sings it straight mostly with a couple trills in the second verse. Good choice not to try to soul or blues it up on her part. 
It’s a good sounding white bread version of the song and she does it well. This would fit on a country album.
Randy, Ellen and Kara like her. Simon decides that she should have jazzed the song up.

Lacey Brown does some song, (Brandi Carlile's “The Story”)
She’s still doing the slides and breaks between notes that she was trying to do first time I saw her. 
It sounds less like loss of pitch control than then.
Still not very exciting stuff.
Randy likes the slides and breaks now, so does Ellen, and Kara thinks she’s brilliant. 
Simon votes most improved and likes the way she mugs to the camera.

Katelyn Epperly tries Carol King’s “I Feel the Earth Move”
Odd hair choice. I guess she didn’t get the note that hippies didn’t really have nasty hair. 
Not a very exciting version of the song. I expect she’s going to get some “make it your own notes”.
Randy likes the hair, Ellen babbles, Kara doesn’t think that Katelyn “ was there to play”. 
Simon likes the hair to. Gives the usual piano bar gibe.

Didi Benami sings Fleetwood Macs “Rhiannon”.
Does the trills and breaks that Lacey tried, just not as big. Not a great version of the song.
Randy votes improved, Ellen thinks Didi can take a hit. Kara thinks it’s a favorite moment. 
Does Kara swing both ways? Simon likes it.

Paige Miles Does Chaplin’s maudlin “Smile”.
Starts a bit breathy. Doesn’t quite make the transition from sweet and sad to loud and emotional.
Randy doesn’t like it, Ellen doesn’t think songs should be sad, Kara thinks it’s a boo boo. 
Simon does the piano bar line again.

Crystal Bowersox does Tracy Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason”. 
The song all the drunk girls sang at the bar when it came out.
She gives a good country rock version of the song. Janice is not rolling over in her grave.
Randy, Ellen, Kara, all babble. Simon votes extra most improved.

Lilly Scott does “I Fall to Pieces”, Patsy Cline.
She falls to pieces. Picks up the pieces as she goes on, but doesn’t quite make it.
Randy, Ellen, and Kara liked it. Simon wasn’t wowed.

Saw some more high school singers last week. Musically they were far worse than the worst of the Idol kids. 
But I liked that show better than Idol because I had an emotional investment. Hopefully I’ll start to really really like one of the Idol kids.

It’s the men’s turn.

Lee Dewyse, “Fireflys” by Owl City
Nice alternative take on the song and he didn’t mess anything up. FM radio quality. 
This is sound alike singing, there are probably a dozen singers that he’s interchangeable with.
Randy says he made it his own. Ellen babbles. Kara likes the confidence. Simon thinks it’s ok.

Alex Lambert does "Trouble" by Ray LaMontagne
So cute when he pretends to be an adult. This guy has the voice but not the soul behind it. 
That makes him perfect Idol material.
Randy liked it but wasn’t wowed. Ellen babbles. Kara wants him to be simple and so does Simon.

Tim Urban weeps "Hallelujah" by Lenny Cohen. Can we please kill this song?
As if he heard my wish Tim does just that.   ha ha
A simple and straightforward version of the song that only lacks talent to make it adequate.
The panel likes it. They like that he listened to them.

Andrew Garcia: "Genie In A Bottle" by Christina Aguilera
Ok he’s doing an acoustic version of a pop girl song. I think the judges will be mad at him for listening to them. 
It’s one of those things that sound ok till you actually listen to it. Andy needs to pick different girl songs.
Randy says pitchy and it didn’t work. Ellen says it’s great and can’t, not mention Paula. 
Kara thinks he peaked to early. Simon thinks he needs to find himself.

Casey shirtless boy, "You'll Think of Me" by Keith Urban
Hmm, not bad, a few false notes, but over all, the pretty boy did fine.
Randy thinks it was too safe. Ellen rambles. Kara pretends she doesn’t have a big crush. 
Simon votes good enough to pass.

Aaron Kelly tries "I'm Already There" by Lonestar
Well this kids leaving. Breathy and trembly are not a desirable thing in a song. 
Just so you know if you’re scared and have to sing, pick a song that’s loud and without many long notes.
Randy says, sing loud and you won’t tremble. Ellen babbles somewhat improved. Kara says he should 
know the songs meaning. Simon tells Kara to stuff the advice. That’s something all the judges should be told. 
Simon says he was sufficiently emotional.

Todrick Hall, "Somebody To Love" by Queen
Todrick takes it to church. This is a kinda light take on the song, but it works ok. 
I'd like to see Todrick get his "Little Richard" on. Randy likes it. Ellen notices something. 
Kara likes it but worries it’s too theatric. Simon thinks it’s theatrical in a good way.

Big Mike "This Woman's Work" Kate Bush
Starts with a nice falsetto run. Merges into a standard soul take on the song. Not bad.
Randy babbles. Ellen babbles. Kara cries and babbles, I guess she knows the back story. 
Simon thinks it’s the best evah.

Over all I vote the men most improved as a group.  

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