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Buzzcook's Idol Review 

Bart, now's the time to pick your fav and get involved in the Idol process. 
If we lived in a rational world the final eight would be fairly easy to guess. 
Of course we live in a Sanjia world and anything is possible.

Big Mike ('Miss You').  Takes back the blues from the English white boys. Solid version that isnít overly showy. Maybe a bit safe.
Randy loves it. Ellen babbles. Kara likes it. Simon says Big Mike is corny.

Didi Benami ('Play With Fire') She pretty much pretends to be a tuff girl and tries to make up for lack of singing with emoting. sprecht stimme.
Randy thinks sheís on fire. Ellen thinks the emoting was real. Kara thinks she was intense and dark. Simon agrees. The panel votes much improved.

Casey shirtless boy ('It's All Over Now') Add in some steel guitar and we have an OK pop country version. Pop stuff that Idol loves.
Randy thinks he was Jonny Lang. Ellen does some pre-scripted material. Kara says shirtless boy is a rock star. Simon wants the boy to dance.

Lacey Brown ('Ruby Tuesday').  Not quite on pitch. I gotta say her quirkiness is a bit wearing. The intro said JeZuZ was on her side.
Randy is surprised she didnít totally mess up. Ellen actually noticed something. Kara says 50/50. Simon says it looks pre-planned.

Andrew Garcia ('Gimmee Shelter'). Oops no girl song this week. Does a fairly emotionally intense, vocally simple version. Good if forgettable.
Randy calls pitchy. Ellen thinks itís the best yet. Kara thinks he missed the songs meaning. Simon is 50/50. 
I notice Simon uses the word ďhonest/honestlyĒ a lot.

Did you notice Kara kept referring to the Rolling Stones in the past tense?
The Stones were a legendary band - Mick was a great stage performer. 
And besides the Stones, who ever called them "The worst greatest rock n roll band?"

Katie Stevens ('Wild Horses').  Not a lot to say about this. Too tepid for snark.
Randy says pitchy but good. Ellen needs to higher a better gag writer. Kara says good intentions. 
Simon likes the song, thinks she failed in the second half.

Tim Urban ('Under My Thumb'). Supposedly the xtians are taking Tim as one of their own and thatís why heís still here. 
Is he really trying a reggae version of the song? Well itís original and someone with talent could have made it work.
Randy calls weird. Ellen babbles. Kara pats Tim on the head. Simon says it doesnít work, calls Tim crazy in a bad way.

Note: USAToday says Tim Urban could win because (I don't get this) AT&T gives girls under 15 free texting
so they can vote hundreds of times for the dreaming (but can't sing) Tim Urban.

Plus  is asking people to vote for Urban - he might me in for a long ride.

And not that I care, but remember how last season was fixed?
Kris (nobody remember his last name) was from Conway, AR and AT&T showed up at a giant watch party
and gave out hundreds of phones and showed fans how to send ten texts at a time.  Almost like cheating.

Siobhan Magnus ('Paint it Black') Itís good for Idol. I like this kid, but I donít think this is the best she could do. 
She lowered her quirkiness factor.
Randy says hot. Ellen babbles. Kara calls Adam Lambert. Simon thinks it was way good.

Lee DeWyze ('Beast of Burden') Top 40 indy rock version. Lacks the testosterone that the song calls for.
Randy says he brought it home. Ellen babbles. Kara says heís growing. Simon really likes him but says his personality sucks.

Paige Miles ('Honky Tonk Woman') Paige is much improved after the Chaplin fiasco. Still better doesnít mean good. She starts shaky, ends Ok.
Randy says sheís all right. Ellen babbles. Kara thinks she hit big notes. Simon says itís great all things considered. (Paige has laryngitis)

Did you notice how Ellen keeps saying the same thing 2-3 times?

Aaron Kelly ('Angie'). Doesnít mess up. Disney is calling.   ha ha
Randy thinks it was hot. Ellen uses another pre-written bit. Kara votes most improved. 
Simon thinks he picked the right song and sang within his limits.

Crystal Bowersox ('You Can't Always Get What You Want'). Good stuff, more Lilith Fair than Joplin. 
She does put her own stamp on the song.  Randy thinks it was darn good. Ellen is a jackass. 
Kara contradicts herself in the same sentence. Simon thinks she was second best tonight.

I would have liked to have heard Todrickís take on Ruthless People. But Tim Urban is just too dreamy to lose.

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