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<>Cali Insurance Scandal
 a  exclusive

Bart, we sell insurance from all different carriers, and assist our clients through the insurance hoops
to make it actually work. We are paid a commission from the insurance companies to sell the policy.
This business is regulated by the state. We can only get a certain percentage, no more - no less, than any
other agent who sells you the exact same policy. So when you're buying insurance, make sure you like
that agent, that they're on your side, and they will fight the insurance agencies on your behalf, otherwise
find a different agent.

I hate these (Health Insurance) companies with the fury of a thousand suns because they're in the legalized
embezzlement business, as opposed to actually offering a service like the Life Insurance companies (for example.)
Our clients love me, because I hate them, and am for Universal care, and because I've paid close attention to
the entire  Le Affair d'HCR.

I've also been on the receiving end of thousands of emails from these Health Cartels - to agents - screaming at us
to call/write all our representatives, and the Governator to bury HCR and anything remotely related to it.
Stuff that would make you weep.

MOST of the new Health Care Reform laws/changes that kick in this year, are supposed to go
into effect NEXT WEEK, on September 23rd.

Here is the link for CA - for your state just change the state initials in the web address:

- Free preventative care for Seniors on Medicare
- Kids can stay on your policy until age 26 (w/out restrictions like being in college)
- Kids can get health insurance no matter if they have pre-existing conditions
- No lifetime or annual limits on care
- *New Insurance Plans are to pay for **preventative care

*There are no New plans being offered.
**Anthem says that a pap (the lab part) and a mammogram are NOT preventative, even though
HCR clearly DOES say they ARE, along with colorectal cancer screenings.

However, here in CA, not one of the Health Insurance Cartels has any information on those New plans,
or what happens when existing plans renew - if anything.

The CA Department of Insurance/Commissioner's website,  has no link whatsoever
to the new HCR BILL and LAWS, nor will they express anything but surprise when you actually call them to inquire,
and say they basically have no information other than everything goes into effect in 2014 - even though the link from states its next Thursday, 9-24-2010. (I'm to believe that the CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF

Question: How is this not the lead story on every news tv/radio channel and newspaper across the country?


I think the reason they've all done nothing, is twofold:

1. They don't have to. Clearly Steve Poisner (R-GOV primary loser to SugarMomma MEDS - I was asked to resign
from eBay - Whitman), our Insurance Commissioner, is a bought and paid for whore who won't fight this, and is not
even bothering to have his staff give out or post information on HCR. So unless there is a heeeeeeuuuuuuuuge public
uprising and a billion civil case brought against them, what is to make them or the Insurance Companies do anything
regarding following the law? Anthem doesn't even have any prices ready for new Individual policies that would go
into effect Oct 1st. Basically, they're not selling insurance for individuals past September 30th, nor are there any new
plans for anyone (small or large group) they're selling that would reflect these new rules - covering Preventative Care.

2. The GOPers have PROMISED them that when they steal the election in November, it will be INSTANTLY REPEALED
 - all of it. Just like Jeb PROMISED his brother Florida in 2000. The GOP will get a LOT of money from these behemoths
if they come through on this. More money than you can imagine.

I heard yesterday on (Progressive) radio regarding the exit polls from the GOP Primaries on Tuesday,
that a majority of registered Republicans will vote DEM in November, especially if the TeabaggerCrazi gets on the ballot.

You won't hear about that in the NationalMurdocMedia, nor will you read about any polling data saying that.
Nor will you read about any DEM polls, because there aren't many at the moment. I have yet to be polled,
and I don't know any DEM in CA who has been. The interesting thing that does happen is when the phone rings
and the call ID reads: 800-toll-free (usually a poll), and you answer, it's a robo-call that says, "please hold",
and never transfers you to a person or anything else.

The biggest thing that the Dems have dropped the ball on in the last two years is e-voting, which is more prevalent
nationwide now that ever. TheGOP stole it before when Kerry was actually leading in the exit polls at 1pm EST in 2004,
then Karen Hughes told Bush to write his concession speech. I'm sure W (R-spoiled) had another tantrum like he did
election night 2000 when Al Gore looked like he was going to win Florida and on national TV said, "My brother PROMISED
me Florida! I'm not worried about it." I knew then the fix was in. So Shrub most likely hung up with Karen, then made a
call to Rove to "Make it so Number One." and Karl called his hackers to flip the numbers at all the voting servers and by
the time the results came in, Bush was winning, even thought the exit polls had a different outcome. Remember that
scandal that disappeared overnight? Of exit polls never being wrong before?

E-voting is the easiest way to steal an election and not get caught.

They've saturated our media with the propaganda that this will be a GOP takeover of both the House & Senate,
and unless all the Dems stay home, and overwhelm the e-voting machines and the exit polls, they're going to get away
with it, because the public has been told it's coming, and expects it. But who gave the media the Magic Election 8 Ball?

But Teabaggers have been winning the primaries because the smart, rational republicans who haven't re-registered
as a D or an I (yes they exist), stayed home and might either do that, or vote D come Nov.

Again - UNLESS WE GET OUT AND VOTE D - EN MASSE - IN NOVEMBER we're screwed, and deserve
the hell we're going to get.

The plans have already been set in motion, and unless we stop it, it won't matter if Obama turns water into wine,
and writes every man, woman, and child a check for $1000, and manages to get two minutes on national TV for
anyone to see him do it (which is by FAR the bigger problem - having given one of his BEST SPEECHES EVER

How did my country become so fucking stupid??


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