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Subject: calm down on the bitterness dude

I've been reading you for years Bart. 
I start at Bartcop, then Truthout, then Commondreams, then SmirkingChimp etc. and I listen 
to Air America and then once in awhile catch the cavedwellers on hate radio like Limbaugh and Hannity. 

I've been doing this forever and I'm telling you that you are becoming too bitter and divisive. 

Moi? Bitter and devisive?
I have a good  great time every day - I don't think I'm bitter or devisive.

How the hell can you "ever" insult Bill Moyers? 

Hmmm, as a rule, I like Bill Moyers, but don't you think it's a little odd
that he (apparently) just now figured out why the Texaco Twins went to war?

Bill has been the only mainstream media journalist that has consistently gone after and broadcast 
the questions, inconsistencies, lies, horrors of the Bush administration from the get go, even under 
the constraints of public television not some safe blog without ramifications like your situation. 

I admire him for that.

I know some readers get pissy and threaten to cancel on your blog and its important to you, 
me and many others, but Bartcop ain't the same thing as a Moyers show on PBS.  Bill has been 
telling truth to power more than anyone accept maybe Olbermann in the broadcast media and for 
you to suggest that he is only coming around now about the war being for oil is an insult. 

But his words mean what they mean, right?   He wrote a column in June 08 that says: 
"And now the bottom line turns out to be....the bottom line. It is about oil." 

The word "now" implies he just realized what you and I knew years ago.

He has questioned the motivations of the fraudulent war more than anyone and he just because 
he happened to tape a very concise monologue detailing the war for oil proof so it can easily be 
digested by our overworked and tired population doesn't mean he has been negligent as a 
journalist as your comments suggest. 

Also, for Christ sake, stop hammering our side!  Stop attacking Rachel Maddow because Hillary lost. 

I never attacked Rachel because Hillary lost.
I attacked her lack of credibility, her fake-ass mind-reading and her deliberate distortions.
How do you think she got that job at MSGOP - for being honest and objective?
She got that job because she's Olbermann's echo - not a compliment.

Rachel is fantastic and just because you might not have the same opinion once in awhile doesn't mean 
she deserves to be attacked.  We need all hands on deck, all working for our side and she rips McCain 
better than anyone and does it without needless hyperbole, just with blistering facts.

If she would stick to attacking McCain we'd get along better, 
but she's got some Andrew Sullivan in her and she can't let go.

Thanks for the frank and honest e-mail.

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