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Subject: cancel my subscription

You have lied,distorted,twisted,convoluted,dismissed and been insulting and condescending
towards Barack Obama more often than I can count and when you get called on it,first you
reply that you will print it,then,of course, you can't print it because it was a lie,you ignore it
like a child,hoping it will go away.

You have become such a disappointment,I got turned onto your site by Mike Malloy,
he is now ashamed of you,Bart you should retire,you have nothing left,you are pathetic!

The link you put under Rachel Meddow's video was to a rightwing nut calling Obama
an Islamic terrorist,which I logically interpret as meaning that is what you think!

You truly are a mental midget,cancel my subscription to Bart Cop Radio immediately!

Jerry, you got this all backwards.

The story I linked to was a Crooks & Liars story:
Nazi scum Steve King (R) smears Obama.

Rep. Steve King smears Obama's name, says: the al-Qaida,
and the radical Islamists and their supporters, will be dancing
in the streets in greater numbers than they did on September 11

Jerry, I'm on your side remember?

When the Republicans call Obama "al Qaeda,"
they have a fight with you AND me, right?

Geez, no wonder you were mad.

I reported what the Fascist bastards were doing,
like I've been doing for twelve+ years,
and you "logically interpreted" that I was Nazi scum, too?

We need to stop this war.
I get too much mail like this.

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