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Subject: those we can't forgive

Hey Bart, thanks for your site. I appreciate your uncommon common sense. 

As for people never to forgive, how about Arianna? I never liked her anyway.
She was a Republican whore when she was married to one, then when he 
switched sides, so did she. But she has always been the most cynical opportunist.

Arianna was no fan of democracy when she helped to dump Grey Davis. 

I can never forgive Rachel Maddow or Slutty Rhodes. They are as bad as Tweety, 
Frank Rich, Modo, and Tucker. Margaret Carlson has always been a whore ever since 
the days of the horse. (I miss the Horse.

Rachel was a "full throated" Hillary basher, then she pulled back a little when she
got her dream gig with Olbermann, then she went back to full throated when she saw
that Obama was likely to win. I, too, was once a fan of hers.

If Randy goes back to being the old Randy, I could semi-forgive her, but she's lost her 
credibility as someone to be taken seriously.  I remember when some scumbag said the 
Clintons were "pimping out" Chelsea, Randi said that was "a compliment, like on MTV
when they pimp your ride, they're actually fixing it up better." She knew that was a lie.

Tweety's always been a whore. How can you go from "We're all neo-cons now!" 
to "I get thrills shooting up my legs when Obama talks?"  Tweety has been such
a whore for so long, it's not possible for him to lose credibility.

I will never forgive Keith Olbermann. He is as bad as Bill-O. Yes he is. 
He can go to hell and I will never watch his show again.

I agree.   KO saw an oppportunity and he took it.   It would've been damn interesting to 
see these whores, after betting their careers on Obama's victory, if Hillary's popular vote 
victory had been enough to win.  What would Rachel, Randi, KO etc done if Hillary won?
They'd be left-wing critics of a Democratic president. 

To me, Olbermann's only saving grace is I never liked him that much before Obama.

Anyway, I worry about Obama, but I will be voting for him in November 
because McBush is bad for humanity.

Thanks again

Dude, voting Democrat is what counts.
Voting anything BUT Democrat helps McCain's Four More Years.

I had one e-mail saying a McCain presidency wouldn't be all bad because
the Democratic congress would stand up to him - can you believe that?
Someone expects the spineless weenie Democrats to show some courage?

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