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Subject: I can't stand the Democratic Party

Hey buddy.

I've been a daily reader, and whenever I could afford it, donated and was a subscriber. 
We've been through a lot together in going on 11 years. 

This time it's OUR guy who is fucking up. He inherited wars and global economic meltdown 
thanks to monkey boy, but jeez maneez - this happened on his watch. We're 50 days into this thing, 
and he's just now  "roaring" that he's putting together a committee to decide whose ass to kick?

He entered office with a surplus of political capital, and it seems like he spent it all paying Republicans 
bullies his (our) lunch money so they might like him. Guess what - they were determined to destroy him 
no matter what. And the Silent Majority of Americans who elected this guy (because he got the nomination) 
to stop the war(s) and the free market corporatist predators of American wages and jobs - what has he done for us? 
I understand he followed Monkey Boy and Cheney, but hey baby, what's happening?

If Obama would fight anyone, anything, with the vigor and focus he did The Clintons - what a wonderful 
world this would be. I just can't get my head around it. Why unleash the dogs of war against the Clintons, 
and not fight the real enemies, like psychopathic radical Republicans? If it was so important for him to win 
that fucking election that he would crucify Hillary AND Bill, what the fuck does he have to show for it?

I can't stand the Democratic Party. 
A culture of corrosive passivity. 
I've had it, I've really had it.

We are still hemorraghing here in PA. 
Common topic of conversation: who in your family still has a job? 
And we still ain't bottomed out. 

But getting back to that article - thanks Bart - as usual - you hammered it, my dear, 
and more concisely and openly and honestly than anybody. Bye bye Gulf. 
No one is stepping up to the plate. No leadership from any quarter.

Like you, I keep kicking Obama in the ass, hoping he will wake up and show up for work, but in my heart 
I know Hillary was the one who would have been kicking ass Day One, and not asking permission to speak 
from fuck heads, forming committees to muddle things for her - she'd be all over this like a cobra.

For as fucking nuts as the tea baggers and Republinazis are - they would have respected the "Socialist Nigger" 
more if he would have actually FOUGHT them. They would have been saying crazy shit anyway, so why didn't 
he shove his agenda down their throat, the way monkey boy did? Hillary, in addition to brains and guts, had the 
anger to make a lot of things happen. Oh well, no sense imaging what could have been - except I am wondering
who the hell the Pussycat party are going to offer as their candidate in 2012? 

Ain't no end to this shit. 
Very discouraging.

yer pal always,

Chookie, are you familiar with the Battle of Britain?

In 1940, Hitler bombed London every night - every night!.
Can you imagine what it's like living in a city that gets bombed every night?

But they didn't give up because the world had to be saved from the Nazi's.
Whatever it takes, we have to fight back, too.

My good friend and Ray the Pillar in Fort Smith closes every e-mail with, "Never Quit!"

That's got to be our attitude in the Gulf.

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