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Subject: Rachel

Okay, Rachel Maddow is pretty darn far to the left, but what's wrong with that? 

Nothing - unless it clouds her judgment.

Think of the political spectrum as a 100-inch string.
Whoever the most Leftist Lefty is America is, he's at Point Zero.
That would be where there string starts.
(For argument's sake, let's say Cheney at at 100, the other end.

Let's say Rachel is a 20 and Clinton is at 42.
Does that give her the right to call him a Republican?

I say no.
I say her perspective has blinded her to the facts.
She's sees Clinton 22 points to her right and she doesn't trust him.

Does she trust Democrats ten points to her Right?
Does she trust Democrats five points to her Right?

Everyone things THEY are at the proper pace. Rachel thinks those at 19
and under are "too Leftist" and those to her right are half-Republican because
Rachel is certain SHE is at the right spot - just like you do and I do.

Of course, maybe she was just saying wild shit to get some free publicity.
(At least Rachel wasn't stupid enough to accuse him of murder, like Randy did.)

Randi owns the stupidest thing any liberal has said since I've been doing

Poor Randy, I wonder if she wishes she could take that mountain of horseshit back?
Or does she see that as her shining moment?

She and I agree on lots of issues, and don't agree on others, and that's fine.
She's smart, articulate, funny and looks great on the air. 
She does a great job as one of the few voices of reason on TV. 

I agree she's one of the best.
Maybe I need to remember she's in show business and
she's competing for attention with MUCH crazier people.

I don't agree with everything she says, but I don't agree with everything
you say, either, Bart, especially when you trash my precious Longhorns.  

I still read you every day.
peace out,
Carol B from Austin.

Carol, allow me to apologize in advance for what the Sooners
are going to do to your little Bevos a week from Saturday.

Talk around here is they're going to crush your Horns, then grind them into hamburger,
then eat them and wash them down with some Texas Longhorn cheerleader tears,
then they're going to crush them again because they know the whole nation is watching.

Or, you guys could beat us by 30 points - you just don't know  :)

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