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Subject: Black man in the white house


Since the color of the guys skin is the only thing that matters to you why can't we make a compromise? 

Race doesn't matter to Democrats - we're OK with voting for Blacks, remember?

I think the GOP would like to have a black man in the white house and his name is Dr. Thomas Sowell. 


Dr. Thomas Tom Sewer isn't qualified to be dog catcher.

Lets put him in...

I know you Rethugs are into installing presidents, but we'd like to elect them if you don't mind
so we don't get stuck with another bungling, blood-thirsty, warmongering Monkey Fuhrer.


...and allow him to stay until libs come up with somebody who is liberal and has a higher IQ. 

Al Franken's left nut has a higher IQ than Tommy the Sewer man.

Would you be willing to do that to keep a black person at the job?
  Carson the Monkey cage cleaner

If Tom the Sewer man wants to be president, why doesn't he run for the job?
Oh, that's right - he can't because Rethugs are filthy, ignorant, bigotted, racist pricks.

...but I appreciate reading your opinion :)

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