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 Subject: The Katrina rescue effort was the largest and most successful effort in the history of the world

Nobody went five days without water in the aftermath of Katrina.

I enjoy gambling - I'll bet $500 that's not true.

There were not gang fights or people starving.

ha ha
Dude, I'm sure the hospitalized, the dead and some survivors disagree.
But then - maybe it depends on what the meaning of "starved" is.

Tell me, were the reports of too much water also faked?

There were people who chose not to evacuate who drowned or went up on their roofs.

Carson, my friend, you can't mean that.
You've never heard of someone too broke to rent a car?
You've never heard of someone too weak to care for themselves?
You've never heard of someone so old they vowed to never leave their home?

Obviously these extremely poor black people didn't want to die.
Are you like, ...crazy or something?

Should Bush have swam around and saved them?

That's a borderline stupid question.

The Katrina rescue effort was the largest and most successful effort in the history of the world

ha ha
Note to readers: I did not make this up.
This is a real letter from longtime Monkey contributor Carson.

Hey dude, you can stop faking now - Carson's on to you.

...and to say otherwise is dishonest. 

You're not the first person to call me dishonest.

Chatting with like minded friends and agreein with each other and 
quoting each other is not the same thing as gathering facts or thinking.

Have you considered thinking or are you too damn busy?

Have you thought of running for president as a Republican?
Fresh thinking is what the GOP needs right now.

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