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Subject: Perkel wants Bush tax policy     




Liberals love to whine about cognative dissonance as if they have no such tendency.
Gez, spare me that please. Almost everything you collectivists crave is either based on sour grapes or cognotive dissonance.

Dude, I'm glad you learned a new phrase.
Do you know what
cognative dissonance is?

Marc wants the Bush tax rates (not) and is angry with Republicans for endangering the 98 percent with Clinton rates.
Ha ha ha ha ha.

I'm not sure you're making sense, but I'm glad you're laughing about it.
We're laughing too, we're having the best time ever watching the GOP try to re-invent itself after such a disasterous election.
As long as we're both laughing, we're both having fun, right?

BTW, it was BUSH who said the tax cuts should expire after ten years.
If you have a problem with Bush's position, go yell at him.

Obama wants to stick it to anyone who makes more than two hundred grand. Two thirds are business owners.

Romney only paid NINE percent in taxes - that's a fact he personally released.
You and I pay a LOT more than that.
For you to argue for Romney to pay LESS in taxes while you and I pay more is illogical.
Why do you hate having more money?

Okay, let me get this straight. You folks would like to take more
from those who have created jobs so they can help the poor?

You are a crazy person.
If the super-rich create jobs, and they have more money now than ever, where are those jobs?

Nope, they won't use that to help the poor, they will grease their friends.
Republicans are competitive and don't try to help friends with govt money.

Did you really just say that?
Tell me - how's your reading comprehension?

It makes me laugh to hear a leftist sucker refer to crony capitalism when it is obvious to anyone who thinks,
that crony capitalism takes place by and for Democrat interest groups.

Democrats give money to the homeless and the super-poor.
Republicans give money to oil companies and billioniares.
It's not the same.

If your site fails financially I suggest you look to Alan Colmes as a role model.

ha ha
Lest anyone wonder why I print your e-mails :)

Yes, Colmes makes a hundred times more money than I do - because he sold out.
If I was a Republican, I would regularly get $10,000 "attaboys" from GOP millionaires.

He did radio for years and made the big cash when he argued with Hannity.
Colmes is so damn good he could be wrong and win an argument.

But yet, he never does.

They had Alan Colmes go light on Hannity in the beginning.
Had they not, Colmes would have torn him up every damn night.
After a while Hannity became better at bluster and it became a real show.

I have never seen Colmes be anything other than "light."
FOX hired him to be the Washington Generals to Hannity's Globetrotters.
Colmes was hired to lose every night so Hannity could look good.

Getting back to the subject--you must see the humor in Perkel griping about not getting the Bush tax rates.

Dude, you keep saying that but you're leaving out the word "KILLED."
Perkel doesn't want Bush tax cuts for the rich, he wants them done away with.

Prediction -- small business owners will deal with Obama care and the tax hike by cutting many if not all of their employees
to 25 or 26 hours per week. 29 max. A large percentage of them will also fire everyone and rehire them as temps.
   Carson, Mayor of Monkeytown

When demand picks back up, if America's billionaires decide to not to hire more people,
others will move in to fill that void and America's billionaires will lose money.

Trust me, they'd sacrifice their kids to make another one percent in profit.

That means you're wrong.

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