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Jimmy Carter Defended

Mere Presidents
 by Piggy Noonan


This week we saw the past four presidents standing in the Oval Office for a photo-op.
As you looked at the pictures afterward you had to think: How flawed were they? How many were a success?

Did you notice how they all leaned away from Jimmy Carter, the official Cootieman of former presidents?
It was like high-school students to the new girl: "You can't sit here, we're the Most Popular table."

Carter is seen as a loser because the Democrats hate their heroes.
Carter inherited an economic mess from Ford, but they talk about it like it was his doing.
The inflation mess continued until Reagan crashed the economy.

Carter's other problem is he valued the lives of those hostages in Iran.

The Bush bastards contacted the terrorists and promised them weapons if they would
keep the hostages until after the 1980 election.  Meanwhile, Reagan's two faces were promising
that we wouldn't have to put up with hostage-taking because he'd go all "John Wayne" on them.

But after promising to stand up to the terrorists, Reagan rewarded them again and again,
but history doesn't tell that story because the Democrats are afraid to list the goddamn facts.

When Reagan died, Democrats lined up around the block to talk about what a great man he was.
If he was so great, why do they have to hide his presidential papers behind locked doors?

...and how did I get stuck in a party of cowardly losers?

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