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KC - Is it fair, what Steve Forbes is doing to that Gary Bauer woman?

KC - Which Republican has the best Campaign Slogan?

KC - Reward if you see Butch getting his picture taken with a white child.

KC - What is Gov. Blow Monkey's position on homosexuals?

What's the truth about the "Dung Crisis?"

KC - Were these two Separated at Birth?

KC - Help Governor Blow Monkey Stamp out Freedom

KC - The Governor of Texas sets BartCop straight.

KC - At least Governor Blow Monkey is off cocaine nowOr is he?

That weight Rush lost?     I think I know who found it.

KC - When his poll numbers fall, Clinton looks to his allies for help.

KC - Sean Hannity explains what's important about the Home Run race.

KC - Was does Snoot Gingrich do, now that he dumped wife number two?

KC - Junior Butchie finally answers some questions.

Poor Governor Blow Monkey. Seems like everyone's a wise guy these days.

KC - How does Junior Butchie make his problems go away?

KC - How does Mark McGwire get motivated?

KC - The NRA - always looking for new recruits.

KC - Is there anyone in America who doesn't like Tom Delay?

Did you know Monica had emergency medical training?

Have you ever wandered would happen if the GOP gained control of our schools?

Butch Problem  Part One  Part Two

Does Butch have any skeletons lurking in his closet?

Did you know Rush plays bass in a all-nude country band?
(Allow time to load fully.)

America demands a tax cut

A Question for Gov. Shrub

Doc Meng - Hard at Work

Doc Meng takes a call from a Tramp

The Tramp call continues

Did you know Doc Meng gave her husband a heart attack?

She's also prone to panic attacks, really.

Where did Doc Meng get her 10 Commandments?

Doc Meng Gets a Call from Deryckehe

Oh, No! Deryckehch's on a friend's computer!!

Dan Quayle for President

Dan Quayle for President II

Clinton Wins Again

Tokyo Pigboy

The Sky is Falling

Are You a Liberal or a Conservative?

One of the All-Time Greats - Ross Perot

Butch On the Issues

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