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Pope: I Lead 'Wounded, Sinner' Church
 No, you lead a gang of organized rapists


Benny the Rat says that he doesn't feel alone while at the helm of a "wounded and sinner" church.

He's doing that to spread the blame around.

Benedict made the comment while the cardinals were celebrating the fifth anniversary of his snatching the papacy.

By all acoounts, Benny the Rat schemed his way onto the throne - then he lied about it,
saying he "prayed to God that He give the job to someone else because I didn't want it.".

Add "Liar" to the list of adjectives that accurately describe this rape-enabler.

The Rat did not directly mention the current clergy sex abuse scandal, which is threatening to engulf 
his papacy with the church's most serious crisis in recent times.

"Threatening to engulf?"
You mean things are going to get worse?
What else is your band of rapists hiding?

"In this moment, the pope, very strongly, doesn't feel alone. He feels he has all the cardinals near him 
sharing tribulations and consolation," Benedict told those who sat down to the meal with him.

And we can add "Lying to himself" to the reasons why The Rat should step down.
Maybe they're sharing the fear of getting caught?

The pope spoke of the "sins of the church, reminding them that it, wounded and sinner, 
is experiencing, ever more, the consolation of God," the Vatican's official daily said."

What total bullshit.

If there was a God (argument's sake) would he console the rapists or the raped children?

If God's going to side with the rapists, what good is He?

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