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Subject: Catholics and Death


Of the five Catholic justices on the Supreme Court, all voted in favor 
of continuing the death penalty by lethal injection.  Link

Not only that, but I believe Benny the Rat helped draw up the hard line
against John Kerry in 2004, telling bishops to deny him Holy Communion 
since he had the gall to believe in women's rights, a no-no at The Vatican.

But he has no trouble chumming with Bush, who holds the Western Hemisphere
modern record for most murders - nobody else even comes close. And worse,
Bush likes to giggle when he murders, but the Pope has found a way to overlook 
such trivial matters if the politician in question is a Republican.

Ol' Bart is more honest than the Pope. 

As soon as he won his campaign for the Big Chair, he did an interview 
and said he prayed that God would make somebody else Pope.
Then we found out he campaigned for it like his last name was Rove.

Benny the Rat also changed the rules so certain anti-Benny cardinals were 
ineligible to vote, kinda like what Katherine Harris did in Florida 2000.

It's hard to believe, but it's true.
I'm more honest than the Pope and smarter than the President.

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