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Note: If you own a Chevy Cavalier, I'm just kidding to make a point - sorry.

McCain's taking illegal money


Alice Rocchio is an office manager at the Hess Corp, drives a piece-of-shit1993 Chevy Cavalier
and lives in a Queens apartment with her husband, an Amtrak foreman.

Despite what appears to be -at best - a middle-class lifestyle, the couple has given $61,600 to
McCain's presidential campaign and the Republican National Committee, most of it within days
of McCain's decision to endorse offshore oil drilling.

Alice Rocchio confirmed that she registered her piece-of-shit '93 Chevy in February,
but said that she "absolutely" used her own money to make the donations.

Trust me, a '93 Cavalier is as bad a car as you can get stuck with.
Even the slumlord used car lots refuse to sell that piece-of-shit Chevy.

In 2003, when we got a '93 Cavalier at our car lot, we's drag that dead sled to the junkyard
because it costs $50 to try to sell it at the auction - and nobody would ever buy it.

At best, if you can get the piece-of-shit started, it would be worth $500.
Why would a lady with $61,000 to give away drive a broken rat-trap to work every day?

I called my old buddy Vic at the car lot and asked what a '93 Cavalier was worth.
His reply?

"How long is the piece of rope pulling that sled onto the lot?"

Translation: The used, greasy rope they used to pull that auromobile to the lot is probably 
worth more than the car, yet that oil woman had an extra $61,000 laying around the house.

I predict the Democrats will refuse to follow this up.

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