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Subject: Cheney's upcoming terrorist attack

Bart, you wrote:

> But what about the pre-election terrorist attack Cheney's planning for New York?

True, the GOP hate NY for being so liberal.  
But I think DC would serve their purposes far better, and I'm pretty sure they do too.

Several months ago they made arrangements to move all federal offices that would be essential 
to running the country if a terrorist attack took out DC to 30 miles outside DC.

DC houses the only groups of people who COULD (but not necessarily would) challenge Bush 
martial law.  The supremes might challenge president-for-life Dubya the first.  Unlikely, but there 
are turds too foul-tasting for even Scalia to swallow.  Congress might challenge it, if both houses were
solidly dominated by Dems AND they grew a set of balls.  Top generals might challenge it with a 
military coup d'etat to depose the dictator and install a democratically-elected government.

It is also worthy of note that Dubya 'n' Dick have both established a pattern of not being in DC.  
Dubya by his widely-reported vacations to Crawford.  Dick by his widely-reported stays in his 
undisclosed secret location.  It will seem somewhat suspicious if both of them are away from
DC the day of the attack but nowhere near as suspicious as if they had a reputation for almost 
never being away from their offices.

The nature of the attack will almost certainly be a nuke.  And when the crater cools enough, 
in the centre will be found Iranian dogtags.  Dogtags mean the Iranian military were involved, 
so the Iranian gov't ordered it, so the US is fully justified in using nukes to take out "nukular"
production facilities.  

Where, oh where, could Iran have hidden those?
Under its military bases, of course.

Which gives Cheney what he's been wanting for months - a way to invade Iran.  
On the face of it that desire seemed absurd because the US military is broken.  
Even starting from fresh it wouldn't have had a chance against Iran which is three times 
the size of Iraq and has not suffered from a decade of sanctions.  
But if you nuke the Iranian military first... 

So my money is on DC.  They might do NY too, just to be sure (and because
they hate the liberals there), but DC is top of the list.

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