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Subject: that Palin bitch

I couldn't help but smile when I saw you referring to Sarah Palin as a "sarcastic bitch".

But did you read the reason why I called her that (if I did)?
She's a giant hit with the far right - I wonder why?
She's not very bright and she seems to have a problem telling the truth,
so I assume it was her familiarity with sarcasm that made her such a Fascist darling.

That told me everything I need to know about your level of anxiety about her.

What it tells you is we should be afraid of a powerful political party if they nominate
unqualified people ONLY because they are good at delivering sarcastic speeches.
Wouldn't that make every AM Radio, Rush wannabe qualified to be president?

I don't really want either side to win the White House, quite frankly.

That's using your head.
If you're another Maureen Dowd, you never have to take a stand on anything.
You just scream insults at both sides - I think that's cheap and beneath even you :)

But the upside to seeing McCain win will be that you and the other
screaming left wing wack jobs will be seething with red faced rage.

I assume you're trying to be cute, because America lost a trillion dollars last week.
Why would you want those incompetent crooks to rob us blind for another four years?

Banana Facts:
Bananas contain tryptophan, an aminoacid that can
be converted to serotonin, leading to improved mood

Improved moods?
You monkeys are always bitching about something...

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