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Subject: Chief Screaming Eagle responds

Bart, you accused me of being like Maureen Dowd...hating everybody and straddling the fence 
without taking a side.  I guess that's a fair accusation and deserves explanation, even to you and your readers.

I don't vote for parties, at least not anymore.  I voted for Bush in 2000.  I held my nose while doing so 
because I didn't like him from the start.  My gut told me that not only was his ability suspect, but so was 
his character.  I held out hope that he would be a conservative after all.  I was both right and wrong. 
The only thing he has been is a disaster.

I feel the same way about McCain.  He has no business running for, much less being elected President. 
I respect his military service, but military service doesn't automatically qualify you for the white house. 
Obama doesn't have much experience, and doesn't offer anything concrete except "hope" and the fact 
that he isn't a Republican.  What is that?  I think this is an insult to our intelligence.  He is a prepackaged 
product in a shiny wrapper.  When you open it, you find the package is mostly air.  Where's the substance? 
On the other hand, who knows...he could very well be at least as competent as JFK was. 
And no, that wasn't sarcasm.

Bottom line:  neither party is offering up a candidate who has the competence or intestinal fortitude to 
lead the country.  Both candidates are being propped up by ignorant rubes from both parties who don't
really know what the candidates are all about.  None of our realistic choices have been close to viable 
except one.  As much as I hate to admit it, She is the only one who came close.  I never thought I'd say that. 

Don't misunderstand...She wouldn't have been my first choice. 
But then, if the only parachute left has a hole in it, you have to go with that one, don't you?

Dude, that was semi-rational.
Whatever you were smoking when you wrote that, smoke some more.

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