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Subject: your utter bullshit 

Liberals seem to like to throw accusations of "voter suppression" and "voter intimidation" around 
like candy at a parade, but I have yet to see real evidence of this.  It's always hearsay, "somebody said", 
pure speculation, or pure horseshit. 

So it's just a myth that voting machines don't work in Black neighborhoods?
It's just a myth that precincts are found locked in Black neighborhoods? 
It's just a myth that whites vote in 10 minutes and Blacks have to wait five hours?
It's a good thing you're not a gambling man...

The fact is that ACORN is openly and blatantly registering babies, dead people, animals, 
cartoon characters, and who knows what else to vote.  What about that?  What about the 
investigations of them currently underway in two states?

That's mostly a myth because the lazy whore media saw great fun in the idea
that Mickey Mouse or Heywood Jablowme were registered to vote.

The truth is, the homeless are hired to do this work because it's f-ing tedious
and the country is so broke they can't afford to hire qualified people.

Yes, the homeless take shortcuts and they cheat.
Desperate people don't always play by the rules and BY LAW,
whatever names show up HAVE TO BE  TURNED IN, thus the problem.

Just because elections don't go your way is no reason to throw temper tantrums and bleat about "cheating". 

Write back in 6 days and say that again.

ha ha

Who isn't allowed to vote?  Those not on the rolls.  Convicted felons.  Those without proper ID 
where it's required (which I fully support, BTW).  If you're not legally registered, you don't vote.  Period. 

The biggest problem is over-eager Fascist dogs.
They send out flyers to likely Democrats.
If they don't get the flyers back, they erase them from the rolls.

Plus, what if you're too old to drive a car?
Do you think old people carry a drivers license so 
they can prove who they are once every four years?
Maybe a better question is, "Why won't Blacks vote for Fascist dogs?"

BTW, where are all these "black people" who were scared away by "goons" from voting? 
Let's use some logic for a moment.  Let's say a black man goes to vote, and your fictional pack of goons 
and their rabid, hungry rottweilers were guarding the polling place.  So, he goes home and tells his family 
and friends.  They tell their families and friends, and they tell...soon, you have an exponential number of 
people who know there is a pack of surly goons with hungry, rabid rottweilers at the polling place. 

What are the odds that ONE of these people who heard the story DOESN'T call Channel 5, the police, 
Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Louis Farakkahn?  What are the odds that the polling place wouldn't be
marched on by about 100 angry black people inside of an hour?  Now really, what kind of sense do your statements make? 

It's not illegal to plant scary-looking dudes outside of polling places.
That's why cameras should be taken to the polls.
That way, when you see armed goond with white pointy hoods standing guard
it would make a really good picture to show the judge and be in the paper.

This is what makes you so endearing...your ability to spew utter bullshit 
just for the sake of "comedy" to stir up ignorant liberals.

That's why you read me every day - because I'm so endearing...

Sorry your guy is a total bust this time.
Sorry Obama's going to kick McCain's ass.
Sorry you're you.

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