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Subject: BTW Senator-You're the Prez 

You have to remember at all times...IT'S W's FAULT!

Barry said it's hard. DUH!?
He has to become unconfused before he can lead.

  First and fundamentally, there are not 57 states with which you must deal.

  Second, are the bonuses okay - or are you not there to bow to Wall Street bankers?

  Third, as a small business owner I will never borrow money to make payroll. 
  If that becomes necessary I need to close shop because it obviously isn't working.

  I, too fail to get that borrow-for-payroll thing.

  Fourth, I can get a loan, but I will do nothing until your Health Care and Tax me 
  into submission bill is DEAD. I didn't go to an ivy league school so I know it's 
  impossible for me to understand the bill. However, I'll go on my gut.
  It would be an easier sell if the bill wasn't 2,700 pages f-ing long.
  Why do Democrats insist on screwing things up every time? 

  Fifth and finally, you need to read the 911 commission report and pay particular attention 
  to the part about our peace loving terrorist friends being at war with us thereby making them 
  enemy combatants and thereby making military tribunals the appropriate venue for their disposition. 
  Perhaps he needs a corPsman to examine him. I think the diagnosis would be lack of spine and lack of sense.


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