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Subject: election observations by yours truly in BittersBurgh, Frumpagheny County, Gunsylvania

Hi Bart:

Jon Stewart hasn't made me laugh since before the writers' strike, and Stephen hasn't made me laugh 
in a few weeks, but BartCop #139 gave me a bunch of belly laughs.  The Chris the Screamer stuff was 
my favorite.  You can really see right into that guy's head -- I can just see him going for Senator Obama's 
ass to test it for freshness.  It's time for Hardball -- cross your legs, Barak!

Sorry for Pittsburgh's role in keeping this bloody and draining Civil War going, but Senator Clinton really 
connected with people across Pennsylvania, a win that may prove to be an indicator of things to come.  
For many people, this election is not about a landmark historic precedent, or race and gender -- they don't 
have the luxury of thinking in those lofty terms, like the people who write that stuff. It doesn't get covered 
on tv, but her events are not rallies as much as policy talks.  Pragmatic talk about economic issues, plus 
proving herself to be an absolutely tireless worker who wants to win, has been the key, in my opinion.  
Obama can't close the deal with working people -- suggesting white working folk in Pennsylvania were 
too mean and superstitious to vote intelligently didn't help.  Obamaniacs reacting to Senator Clinton's 
pocketbook Pennsylvania win by calling us sorry white trash and bitter middle-aged frumps will not pave 
the way for future primary Obama victories either. Will they figure that out and have the good sense 
to care, or is being Pure more important? 

Note the high margin of victory in the Pittsburgh AND Philly suburbs, where Hillary sent in her heaviest 
artillery,  Bill.  All the media idiots yabber about how he is destroying her campaign, etc, when the opposite 
is true, as usual.  If their heads weren't in the dark, 3 feet up their asses, they would see that loyalty to Bill is 
a factor in the election. He is still very popular, and is now a reminder of a by-gone era of peace and 
prosperity, in addition to being a charmer who knows a lot more than Obama about how to come courting.  

Holy Mary Mother of God! The Catholic vote is significant for a Democrat win in November.  In 2004, 
enough of them voted largely on the issue of abortion, fooled by Republican false promises to eradicate it, 
to make it easy for Monkey Boy to beat Kerry.  Also, enough of them sided with Holy Rick Santorum (R-Too-Crazy-To-Represent-Pennsylvania-Anymore)  over the Pope on the issue of  the Iraq War for 
Republican victory, but that was before it was obvious to everyone that it was a catastrophe.  Add the 
frightening economic downturn of 2008 here in Appalachia and "Bohunkistan", and Catholics will  have 
more than one thing on their worried minds this November. Should Obama become the nominee, however, 
he needs to ratchet up the "national defence" stuff, or he will be vulnerable to McCain's BS claim to be the 
better future Commander in Chief, which people here ARE stupid enough to fall for in some numbers.  

My take: the scariest part of the Civil War is that the Clintons are still in the race not because of ego, 
but because they KNOW this early on that Obama has got a glass chin and can't win in the Fall, and they 
are not going to surrender the Presidency to the Republicans.  

I anticipate the next primaries will be strong wins for Clinton, and then I think its time for Bart's Compromise.  
Clinton/Obama is a winning ticket for 2008, and I think its a ticket that will hold on to the Presidency when 
the popcorn hits the fan big time next year.

Did you watch Judas Stephanopoulos Saturday?  The "Republican strategist" Matthew Dowd  said that Dems 
are voting for Obama because he represents the 21st century. Huh?  So how can they win with McCain? 
I guess Republicans will be voting for McCain because he represents the 11th century (1097=First Crusade).

Take care, my man. I worry about you.

Laurie aka Chookie
devoted daily reader since 1999 -- I'll be celebrating my 10th "Bartiversary" next year!!

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