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Subject: I don't like Bachmann
Hi Bart -

I'm old enough to remember when there were no effective treatments for migraines.

There are now. $35 a pill - which is a fucking great bargain if otherwise you are otherwise
incapacitated in bed for days, half-blind, and vomiting w/o such a miracle pill.

That fucking bitch has access to the best fucking health fucking care in the fucking country
 - on my fucking tax dollar! Why this is an issue astonishes me. Even if the fucking bitch had
a fucking brain tumor, or some other vascular issue, the fucking bitch has access to fucking
doctors to diagnose her fucking problem and treat it - on my tax dollar!

Meanwhile - I have no fucking access to the fucking health care system because of the global
fucking economic collapse I can neither find a job which has benefits, or pays enough to buy
insurance, and earn too much marginally to qualify for Medicaid or other assistance, which is
harder and harder to get.

So fuck her. I don't give a shit about her fucking headaches if she is so fucking stupid about
diagnosis and treatment.

Stupid bitch made some remarks about African-Americans being better off under slavery than now.
She may have a point there. I am a fucking wage slave - at least real slaves had some access to
medical care - I don't. I get sick, I lose wages, and eventually EVERYTHING not only for myself,
but for my family. As an actual antebellum slave, Massa might give a shit that I hurt so bad I can't
work the fields so good anymore. I would have more value as a fucking slave than I have as an
"employee". Nowadays, it's work, if you can Darwinianly find it, or live under a fucking bridge or die.

Don't know if you saw David Brooks' s brilliant commentary last week - in which he linked the
declining American economy to the health care of senior citizens and persons with chronic terminal
diseases. He posits that it would be patriotic if people would just die and get it over with.....

It might cheer him up that suicide rates are up 17%.
People aren't killing themselves over unrequited love these days - it's because they
can't stand the disgrace of losing everything, or don't want to be a burden on anyone else.

Does ANYONE give a fuck? No way.




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