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Subject: questions about your bottom line with Iran

I'd like to ask you some questions about what your bottom line is on this whole "what if Iran goes nuke?" issue:

1. Wouldn't Iran be more scared of retaliation by Israel? For every 1 nuke Iran's got surely Israel has 3 or 4 more. 

    There's no way to predict what the religiously-insane zealot might do.

2. Do you really think Palestine wants Iran to nuke Israel considering they'll probably get the all the nuclear fallout? 

    No sane Palestinian wants that - but what percentage of them are sane?

3. Do you think other countries in the area like Egypt & Saudi Arabia want Iran to go nuke? 
    If not then shouldn't we get them involved in helping to stop them? 
    Do you think Iran might bomb those other countries too? 

   Religio-crazies do crazy things.

   For decades we had cold wars woth Russia and China, which aren't religious states.
   Mutual Assured Distruction wored with them because they don't want to die.
   These suicidal handjobs are EAGER to die so they can finally get laid.  

4. Wouldn't bombing Israel be a sin against the Muslim faith? I've heard that one of the most holy sacred places
    for Muslims is in Jerusalem which is in Israel. Do you think Muslims in Iran or anywhere would actually want 
    Israel nuked if it had a holy place for their faith in it? 

    They think the afterlife is a better place than this blue spinning ball.
    How can you argue with nutjobs?  

5. Okay if you'd want a sea blockade then wouldn't you want an air and road blockade to stop people from 
    smuggling nuke parts into Iran too? I'm just asking because I think there are many ways to smuggle in parts for nukes. 
    Would you demand that all US airports ban all flights to Iran until Ahmedinijad is out of power? Plus how long should 
    our soldiers stay out there with the blockades? Until Ahmedinijad is voted out or near forever because who knows what 
    whoever replaces Ahmedinijad will be like? 

    Anything is cheaper/better than a nuclear war.
    We can for sure prevent tankers from leaving Iran - maybe that would do it, I don't know.
    As far as banning flights, I'd want to hear some expert opinions on the pros and cons.

    But if we do nothing, we might see those mushroom clouds the Bush bastards lied about.  

U.N. nuclear agency expresses concern on Iran


The United Nations' nuclear watchdog for the first time Thursday explicitly voiced concern that Iran
is trying to make a nuclear bomb, amid signs of fraying relations between the agency's inspectors and 
authorities in the Islamic Republic.

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