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Bartcop/Hillary, Iran worries & my sympathy 

Hi Bart - FWIW you have my sympathy. You're a great blogger for the Lib/Prog/Democratic party side of issues 
but it looks like you've had a VERY hard time getting the Liberal &/or Progressive &/or Democratic Party people 
to agree with you or get together on things. 

People should agree with me more because I'm usually right.

You've recently been critiqued heavily for being worried about Iran. 
I'm even a little surprised you haven't published many if any e-mails calling you something like a "Palin-head" 
because of her "Bomb Iran" answer to a question about what Obama could do to get her sympathy.  

I never suggested we bomb Iran - I said we should strangle their economy.

One could say that one of THE top rules to being a Liberal/Progressive &/or Democratic Party person is 
"there shall NOT be ANY bloodshed of innocents associated with any kind of Liberal action, ruling, decision." 

I can't tell if you're serious or sarcastic but I, for one, think a nuclear war is worth preventing.
If we lose some soldiers doing that, I'd hate it, but if it prevents nulcear war...

Most people agree that innocents shouldn't get killed for any type of decision and fwiw I agree with that. 

That's crazy talk.
In any war, innocents will die.
If you're saying "No war is worth fighting - ever" then you're not a realist.

There's a HUGE chance that any kind of military intervention in Iran will cause some innocent bloodshed 
and I can definitely see why people argue with you on that. Iran COULD be another Vietnam just like 
Iraq & Afghanistan were/continue to be.

I wish you'd argue with MY points instead of some imaginary points.
I'm not saying we should invade Iran, let's just stop (or supress) their flow of oil.

However what should the US do when foreign countries oppress their own people and might have some 
Americans worried about what they might do next (especially if they see that oppression coming to the US?)  

If some country supresses their own people, we should pressure that country to stop but
we can't put boots on the ground in another country every time some dictator is a dick.

For example? It looks like Hillary Clinton agrees with you (a little) on Iran. 
She recently said that Iran is on its way to becoming a military dictatorship:

DOHA, Qatar – Hillary aid Monday that Iran is becoming a military dictatorship, a new U.S. accusation 
in the midst of rising tensions with Iran over its nuclear ambitions and crack down on anti-government protesters.

Asked if the U.S. is planning a military attack on Iran, Clinton said "no."

The U.S. is focused on gaining international support for sanctions "that will be particularly aimed at 
those enterprises controlled by the Revolutionary Guard, which we believe is in effect supplanting the government of Iran," she said.
One of your fellow bloggers Joseph Cannon doesn't like that:

Hillary is ramping up pressure on Iran, the country which the neocons have long viewed as the ultimate prize. 
You may say that she is doing this only to placate Obama and his inner circle, and you may be right. 
But she is doing it nonetheless, and it's a damned dangerous course of action.

Dangerous?  Compared to what?
Doing nothing and allowing Iran to arm themselves with nukes?

If my neighbor wants me dead and I know he's going to buy a gun at 3 PM,
I'd rather fight him ar 2 PM than 4 PM.

America is very good at assassinating people.
So’s Israel.

Why are we wasting time with such sentences?

I notice that neither of them are succesful at solving the actual problem they’re supposedly trying to address.
Maybe the US should stop copying tactics and strategies that don’t work.

You haven't stated a position so I have to guess what it might be:
I think your answer is to let Iran get nukes and if they launch on Israel,

well, that's just Israel's bad luck - which is suicide and I want no part of it.

Nothing easier than saying, "They're doing it wrong."
Why not think of a better way BEFORE you speak?

My point here is you have my sympathy about your frustration to get everybody in the Lib/Prog/Dem world 
to agree on doing anything (even if it isn't about Iran.) I don't know how you do it week after week, 
month after month and year after year but I'm glad that you do. I've donated money to you in the past 
and I'll more than likely do it again in the future when I can. 

Chris, so what's your bottom line?
Do we let Iran get nukes and hope they're just kidding about Israel? 


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