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Subject: your defense of Tracy Morgan

Dear Bartcop, I love your site, but I think you're dead wrong in your defense of Tracy Morgan. 

It's OK to have an opinion - just don't explain comedy to me.

It's easy to say critics are being "too PC" when you're not a member of a group being targeted. 
Saying that if you had a gay son you would "stab the little n----r" is not clever, witty or funny. 

It's certainly not funny when someone who hates you reads your act on TV.

It's just ugly and hateful.  And that goes for the rest of Morgan's rant.

Shouldn't that be up to the people who buy tickets?

Don't you think people could read the script from Blazing Saddles
and conclude that it was the most unfunny, hateful, racist movie of all time?

If you like Blazing Saddles, what about racism is funny to you?
See what happens when you look at this from the other side?
Couldn't you just as easily say Blazing Saddles was ugly and hateful?

Carlin pushed the envelope.  Lenny Bruce pushed the envelope too, but their outrageousness
was insightful, smart and funny, and not at the expense of some marginalized group. 

I have a problem with the comedy police deciding what's funny.

Who should be in charge of the comedy police?  Jim Inhofe?  Mitch the Bitch?
Who, besides the ticket-buying public, should decide what's funny?

Eddie Murphy back in the 80's did the same kind of homophobic shit, and it was hard to
listen to him talking about "faggots and their AIDS" when I had friends all around me dying. 

I agree that was distasteful, but didn't the market correct itself?
My guess is, as time went by, Eddie lost some friends, too.
Eddie soon stopped doing those jokes.

Nobody really called him on it, but it's gratifying this time to see
how Morgan walked into a buzz saw with his hate.


You seem to be saying Tracy's goal was to offend the people who paid to see him.
I don't think there's any logic in that.

Tracy's been doing his profane act for a decade and he became one of America's
top-tier stand-up comics in the process, but he made a huge mistake when he
apologized for the gay jokes because now the PC sharks smell blood in the water.

A comedian can't open his mouth without offending somebody.

He may get run out of show business over this and I think
that's a bigger crime than any joke he told on-stage.

Show me someone who's act is "appropriate."

I'll show you someone who's not funny.



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