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Subject: Let's fight about Iran

If you are trying to hedge your bet on number of troops that will be in Iran you can cop out that way.


We have less committed in more overt wars. We can fight wars with drones and apparently our bidding
in favor of Israeli wishes will also allow us to hold whichever victim down so Israel can punch them.

The methodology will differ slightly, but the m.o. will be the same as the Iraq war. If we really wanted to
work towards peace in the middle east we would have to stop coddling, condoning, and funding the
barbarism and behaviors of Israel.

Oh, I see - you're caught up in that same mess that Richard is.

You have an impasse when your loyal readers try to broach this subject with you but consider this:
you have a neighbor that you disagree with, they have conducted tactical strikes to destroy your car
with help of a bullying neighborhood homeowners association who has bulldozed your next-door
neighbors home under false pretense.

Wait, *I* have an impass?

This weekend your 'sworn enemy neighbor who has-a-right-to-defend himself' has sneaked in and
blown up your bartkitty on the scratching post. Would you be in support of owning a Glock in the situation?

I own Glocks.

Would there be an effort to portray you as the mad-man in that situation who distrusted his own government
with postings on the web etc.? This sabre rattling is the same tired rerun. We made up the same stories before
Bush-the-smarter invaded Iraq the first time.

Now for a money question - I would be tempted to purchase things I needed through a portal that helps you out
BUT I can not support Amazon for their involvement in blackballing Wikileaks as I consider his service like yours
to be that of whistleblower on unfair and corrupt politicians. Any suggestions or help on that?

My suggestion would be to get over that.
I do business with PayPal, Amazon and Bank of America.
Republicans own most big businesses and one has to deal with them.

Another note there, I still muster up the will from time to debate Monkeys one on one. You have had some
wonderful peices to aid in those debates but they are scattered and hard to find when I need them (e.g. Republicans
convicted of man on man crimes or worse - while fox news misstates that they are Dems when that happens).

I don't care about trivia cities, celebs, tv shows etc., but would hit those links much more frequently.
Keep swinging the hammer and I will try to send a love check for catfood in the new year.
 Chu - still out here but burnt out at the inability for monkeys to learn.

I wish you could break free from the bonds that are clouding your head.

Tell yourself this: There's nothing I can do to affect this 4,000 year-old war.


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