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Subject: JFK's murder was a setup 

I sat in front of the computer late one night going over JFK stuff when it hit me. 
It is so simple and is hiding in plain sight. 

The facts are that the President of the USA is shot and killed. A man is in custody. 
The local police are handling the investigation. A two bit strip joint owner is allowed 
access all over the jail during the time the suspect is in custody. Which of these facts is the tell?

Fast forward or backward to other attempts on the President. 
Who in their right mind would leave such an important investigation to the local cops? 
The answer is you wouldn't if you wanted a serious investigation. 

Hoover hated the Kennedy clan with a limitless hate. There is your answer. 
Hoover knew there was no need for a serious investigation because he knew it was a plot 
limited to ridding the country of JFK. He knew a patsy had been provided, accused and 
disposed of so there was no need for the FBI.

Everything I have seen about the episode just seems to accept on it's face that the Dallas PD 
should handle everything. The most the experts seem to do is criticize them as bungling. 
Of course they were, some people were counting on it.

Chuck, watch that Ruby and Oswald story next time it's in Biography, 
The horn honking (some said that was Ruby's signal) was the transport car backing into the crowd.

Film proves Ruby had only been on the scene for 5-10 seconds.

They were actually outside of the jail in a covered alley - where the car was, not inside :).
    Had the car been there 10 seconds earlier, it would've blocked Ruby.

Dallas PD said they wanted all those reporters there to document
    that Oswald wasn't being beaten or mishandled in any way.

If you want to talk about massive fuckups, who'd let a president ride in a convertible?

When I was a kid reading comics books, they always used to say,
"There's no such thing as a perfect crime."

These days, catching someone is almost impossible.

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