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Subject: Cigarettes....

Bart, you wrote:

> “Cigarettes kill 400,000 people a year….”

I have seen that number and higher numbers tossed out year after year. 

Oddly, nobody ever provides evidence to support the numbers.
 Dave in La Verne, CA

I find it odd that you'd want to give those murderers the benefit of the doubt.
Why would you come to the aid of those billionaire death merchants?

They add ammonia and formaldahyde and other poisons to tobacco to hook people 
harder and faster and Dave from La Verne, CA wants to be sure they're being treated fairly?
These bastards who use cartoon characters to grab the attention of children need your help?

I've read they add 4,000 chemicals to tobacco to increase tobacco's addiction levels
and you want to be sure they're being treated fairly by bloggers?

I'm a busy man with tons of shit to do so I don't have time to verify accepted positions.
Perhaps you'd like to research the subject and tell us the real numbers?

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