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Subject: Cindy and Hillary

Dearest Mr. Bart:

As the case, typically when we sit and have to talk to a doctor, a lawyer, a boss or a politician, those of us
doing the talking are scared, emotional and looking for validation of our feelings and answers that give us hope.

And typically, the person listening is way less emotionally involved and thus strives to maintain an intellectual,
reasoned, and measured  response.

Those who are very successful at listening, very often are very successful at what they do.
Everyone knows who Cindy Sheehan is and what happened to her family.

It wasn't news to Hillary the day Cindy visited.  Cindy was a childless mother, and Hillary the vessel for the message.
Cindy with her abundance of unschooled wisdom and Hillary's towering intellect.

My sarcasm dectetor just barked like a Chihuahua on Cuervo.

It is my opinion, and my opinion only that Hillary was required by  the very fact that she is a public servant, to explain,
express and give more in the way of information to Cindy Sheehan than perhaps any other citizen that day.

But Cindy's complaint wasn't that Hillary was stingy with information.
It was that Hillary sat there "stonefaced," and refused to cry with her.

It was Hillary's job at that moment in time to do whatever she could to help Cindy understand and have hope.

...entirely subjective.
How is Hillary in trouble for failing a test that calls for "whatever she could do?"

It was Hilary's job at that moment in time to do the right thing, say the right thing,
be honest beyond her own self interest, even though it was only Cindy.

Your "only Cindy" and "towering intellect" comments tell me you're not a neutral observer.
You're back-door accusation that Hillary was dishonest with her is without foundation.

Those of us with little to no voice in this meat grinding process called democracy, depend on the checks
and balances to protect us and for those in authority to use every means possible before requiring our sons
and daughters to face the possibility of giving up their lives.

It was water under the bridge for Hillary, but a drowning sea for Cindy.

Another semi-snarky attack - why?
You seem to be saying Hillary just blew her off.
Please list for me the concrete actions Hillary could've taken that would have pleased Cindy.

Sure, she could've picked up the phone and yelled at Bush, but Casey would still be dead.

On the day Hillary met Cindy, Hillary had already accumulated tens of years of experience meeting and talking
to the most powerful people  in this world.  Experience in success and experience in failure.    Some think that
Hillary is required by her most unique place in  history to use her experience for the advancement of  humanity
......not to squander her experience by putting it in a box and not using it.

There you go again...
Look, it's possible that the fastest way to end this war is to elect a Democrat to the White House.
Maybe Cindy ought to put her personal needs on the back burner and help make that happen.

If Cindy is somehow successful at demonizing the Democratic front-runner, what will she say
when President McCain commits even more troops to Bush's bloody quagmire?

It's my opinion that Cindy is fighting against her own best interests.
Who's going to stop this war sooner - President Clinton or President McCain?

Or being stingy or worried that if she uses it for Cindy she might not have enough for her presidential run.
Smart does not automatically equate wise.

If Hillary does the "right thing" and we get a Republican again in '08, who wins?

We need a champion who is willing to buck the odds, not hide behind freshman status,
and is brave enough to do the right thing even if it flys in the face of self-interest.

I think you have that exactly backwards.
I think Hillary knows more about winning the White House than you or Cindy.
What good is "a champion who is willing to buck the odds" if it means President McCain?

I am afraid to say that the truth of that meeting between Hillary and Cindy has been lost to  perception.
Perception always seems to have the upper hand in matters of truth.
 Diana in Ohio

I'll put this on the Bartblog to give you uncensored access to reply.

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