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Locations of visitors to this page

Subject: Cindy looking for a place to escape?

Hey, Bart, I recommend China, at least they're up-front about the fact that there is only one party and you do what they say.  
The large Chinese cities are modern and you are paid quite well often for little effort.  

In 2006 I was given a free furnished apartment with all the modern conveniences and $600 a month 
plus round-trip air-fare after a year for a 12 hour work-week.

Damn, $600 and free rent and air-fare for 12 hours work?
Need a roommate?

Subject: Cindy looking for a place to escape?

When I was up for the draft in 71 I wanted to go to Canada, but stayed and went into the Navy.
In 2000 I started planning on leaving, no longer willing to be known as a American. 
Now I’m almost ready, next year My wife and I are moving to Lake Chapala Mexico
Older but wiser.

Damn, I'll bet the fine tequila is cheap there...

Subject: Cindy looking for a place to escape?

Bart- I have a good friend who moved to Costa Rica. 
There are many American ex-pats there!
 Larry in Antelope, Ca 

Subject: Cindy looking for a place to escape?

Hey Bart –  Here is a place that CindyP “Leaving the US of A” can utilize 
to learn more about the wave of American Expats resettling all over the world. 
Personally,  I’m thinking about Uruguay, Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, Croatia, 
France, Italy and New Zealand when I fantasize about my escape.

Another source of info is International Living  
 David B

Subject: Cindy looking for a place to escape?

Dear Bart:

I hear that New Zealand is beautiful and its people, liberal.
 Jim W

Someone told me you have to be rich to get into NZ.
Hell, you have to have $100K liquidity to move to Canada, right?


Subject: Cindy looking for a place to escape?

Cindy should visit
It's a great source for folks wanting to live and work outside of the U.S.
 Greg in the Philippines

Subject: Cindy looking for a place to escape?

Hi Bart,
Came across this article today on Information Clearing House:
America, The Grim Truth by Lance Freeman, in which he
gives advice on how to leave the United States.  He is an
expat and says he would never come back, that the living
conditions elsewhere are far superior, starting with single
payer health care, and that Americans have no idea how
crappy their lives are in comparison or they would be in
the streets.
Barbara in Saugerties, NY

Subject: Cindy looking for a place to escape?

Malta has a mild climate, speaks English, and is a prosperous member of the European Union.
Its public healthcare system is rated 5th best in the world by the World Health Organization.

And, it encourages immigration by financially secure people.

Subject: Cindy looking for a place to escape?

Bart, yo.

Especially in that Cindy and friends are teachers, they might want to consider
the expat life in Taiwan.  Taiwan has made strides to improve the overall environment
for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and even hires from overseas to
get people into its school system to teach English to kids starting somewhere in primary
school.  There is also a ton of opportunity within the private TEFL sector.  The majority
of peeps doing TEFL actually have no prior teaching experience here, so individuals with
Cindy's background are gold.  And everyone wants to learn English or improve their current
English skills.

Living in Taiwan and not being able to speak Taiwanese or Mandarin is not a big problem
because, for one, enough people speak some English, and the bigger cities are quite
English-speaker friendly.  Culture shock is another story, some people can't handle it. 
Never been a problem for me, for the most part anyway, which is not to say that I have
not had my fair share of, let's call them "incidents".  But enough about me (ha ha).

All through the Bush years, the people of Taiwan never stopped loving Americans. 
Moreover, this is a heated and passionate democracy existing with nearly zero international
support under the shadow of the big bully in Beijing.  So, it's very vibrant that way.  There is
a lot of "freedom" here.  Tolerance for the peculiarities of the alien national is the norm.  Not to
mention a lively night life and plenty of modern and traditional cultural events.  There is quite
a large foreign community here made up of people from all over the planet.  Taiwan itself is a
kind of crossroads on the Western edge of the Pacific.  This place is both totally cutting-edge
and mired in tradition.  Great food, beautiful scenery, hi-tech big-city transpo system
(especially Taipei), gut-wrenching urban energy and peaceful, meditative ambiance in often the
most unlikely of places.

It is by no means perfect.  That of course would be Heaven or whatever is even better than
Heaven and comes after it, Heaven itself being just some kind of way station as far as I'm
concerned, whatever that means.

As far as working goes, there are other things to do here besides TEFL.  I myself am no longer
teaching, now doing editing and translation stuff instead.  For those with the wherewithal,
a lot of biz-oriented trade activities happen here non-stop.  But again, for someone with Cindy's
teaching background, Taiwan and the Taiwan government would welcome them with open arms.

Feel free to pass on my email contact to Cindy (or even forward this email missive to her) if she
wants to get in touch with me and I will do what I can, given personal time constraints and confusion
on my part, to get her pointed in the right direction for more info.  There is definitely a lifestyle and
the work available to support it here for the asking.  And like I said, the Taiwanese love Americans. 
I kid you not.

Doug E

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