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Solar on a tight budget?
CitizenRE Solar Rental
Showcased on HGTV'S "Living With Ed"

November 5, 2007 -- A young married couple in their first home, shoestring budget, 
baby on the way--how can they possibly afford to add solar energy to their house?

"By renting it", said Ed Begley Jr., six-times Emmy nominated actor and environmentalist.

In the November 5 episode of "Living With Ed", host Ed showcases solar in this new form.  
"Putting the 2 kW Citizenre system on this house symbolized a 20-year dream for me, 
to help put solar power within reach of anyone."

The young family in Venice, CA, shows exactly why renting solar makes so much sense.  
Paul Eckstein & Hala Khori have just moved into their 2-bedroom bungalow.  He is a writer, 
she is a yoga instructor and their first baby is due anytime.  How is this the right time to be
adding an expensive solar system to their home?

"Renting the system just makes so much sense", said Paul.  "We really wanted to do the 
right thing, to make our new house is as green as possible.  But we sure didn't have the 
cash to buy a system, or even to carry loan payments.  This way, Citizenre takes care of
everything--they install it, fix it, all that.  And our savings increase every time the rates go up".

Paul and Hala worked closely with Citizenre's local system installer Stephen Gates, who designed 
and installed their solar system.  "The family should save about 30% - on their electricity each month,
for $25.00 per month," Gates explained.  "Since they averaged $28 per month for that same amount 
of electricity, they are already saving a little each month".

"It's so great that we can actually have solar on our first house", said Hala.  "By renting, we actually 
save money- and that's money we can save for something else.  And we know we're still doing the
right thing for our baby's future.  That's the very best part of the story".

"I have been involved with residential solar power for over 20 years, and put my own system 
on in 1990.  You can't make gasoline in your house, but you can make electricity on your roof
- I've been doing it for 17 years," said Begley.  "I've been frustrated by how many people come to me 
for advice on solar, only to find it is out of their financial reach.  With Citizenre's rental program, 
all that changes. Anyone who wants to make clean, green power in their home can do it.
With the help of Citizenre, I hope we duplicate Paul and Hala's story nationwide beginning in 2008."

Sharon Cave
Austin: 512-423-4406

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